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December 2011

Litchfield, CT

Happy December everyone!  November was a busy month for the Captured Time crew with the International Dyslexia Association's Conference, and we came out of the month with some very exciting news: our first corporate sponsor!  DYNAREAD: The Way to Fluency became our first corporate sponsor and was able to take part in our IndieGoGo campaign which makes them an IndieGoGo Producer in Dislecksia: The Movie’s end credits!

A few days after the conference, Aimee was able to catch up with DYNAREAD founder, Hans Dekkers and some of his team (Mark, Dave, and Sylvia) to discuss the company and how they came to be Dislecksia: The Movie’s first corporate sponsor.  Dynaread is a brand-new online Learn-to-Read tuition program, based on the latest scientific understandings on dyslexia. Dynaread delivers strong "I can read!!" experiences right from the very first lesson.

Aimee: How did Dynaread start off?

Dynaread founder, Hans Dekkers

C Mark Wessinger Ph.D: Cognitive Neuroscience

Hans: It started off about 5 years ago with a single child in my area, who was 9  years old and stuck in reading.  The parents had basically given up on the child, but I’m somebody who likes teaching, who likes to try and find what is best, so I didn’t stay down, so I started researching.  Now we’re a team of 15 together trying to make a difference. 

Aimee: Dave, what has been your experience working with Hans and Dynaread?

Dave: For me, I could tell when I was interviewed by Hans that this was kind of a labor of love, very close to the heart, and I like how he spoke from his heart about it. And he talked about his individual connections with students.  That’s when I immediately thought about my connections with students that I’ve worked with who’ve been struggling, and if this can help people like that, and I’m all over it. 

Aimee: Hans, how did you find out about Dislecksia:  The Movie?

David Munro MA: Special Education and Counselling Psychology.

Silvia Mazabel Ortega BA: Clinical Neuropsychology and Learning Disabilities.

Hans: I tried to scout around to find it because I wanted to stay in touch with what’s going on in the field…not only in the research field - the science field - but also in the advocacy field.  And I found your movie and I watched the trailer and I was very impressed with it and I liked it immediately.  I like how you were approaching the topic, very similar to what we do.  I didn’t smell a pursuit of money, I smelled a pursuit of making a difference for dyslexic children, so that’s when I said ‘Hey, I’m willing to be a corporate sponsor of the movie.’ 

Thank you Hans and your team for becoming a part of Dislecksia: The Movement and being Dislecksia: The Movie’s first corporate sponsor!  If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of this important film, please contact us at 860-567-0675 or to learn more. You can also check out our sponsorship page on the brand new Dislecksia: The Movie website: for more information on our sponsorship packages!

October 2011

Litchfield, CT

Over the past few weeks, we have been THRILLED with the backing we’ve received for the Dislecksia: The Movie funding campaign so far. In the past week we have made MANY new friends who have recently heard about the project and are excited to help us spread the word about this film and the important story it tells. 

 However, over the course of the last few months we’ve had many projects floating around over at Captured Time Productions. Not only are we trying to finish funding the film, we’re also working on Dislecksia: The Book, Companion to the Documentary Film, working on getting our website up and running, fixing the storyboard for the Credits, and gearing up to hit the International Dyslexia Association Conference in Chicago. Let us know if you'll be attending the conference (November 9th-12th). We would love to see you there!

Because of all of this, we feel we weren’t able to give our Kickstarter project the love, tears, and sweat it deserves (I don’t do blood, which is why I replaced it with love). So due to this realization, we are planning on cancelling funding on this project and moving our fundraising campaign over to IndieGoGo. IndieGoGo is another broader fundraising platform like Kickstarter that helps raise funds for projects that are creative in any way. WE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED OUR NEW PROJECT TODAY! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Yes, some of the reasons people are raising money over there is a bit more outlandish, but it’s still a legitimate website that we’re trusting to help us finish this film. It’s not that we don’t love Kickstarter, but IndieGoGo will give us more time to help raise the money AND we’re doing our best to set it up so your pledge can be tax deductible by making your pledge a donation to a 501(c)(3). This will allow us to continue to build the support needed to make this film a reality.

This means pledges made through Kickstarter will be cancelled, and backers will have to re-pledge at IndieGoGo. If you already pledged through Kickstarter, don’t worry about going into Kickstarter and canceling your pledge. When we cancel the funding on this project, your pledge will be automatically canceled and nothing will be charged. When you re-pledge on our next campaign you will not be charged double. However, if you do not re-pledge, Dislecksia: The Movie will lose your support and we will not be able to continue to send updates.  

If you have any questions or concerns about your pledge, please feel free to contact us at or 860-567-0675. Our IndieGoGo campaign is officially up and running, and you can check it out here. We have a great trailer featuring Billy Bob Thornton, Sarah Joy Brown, and Joe Pantoliano, as well as some pretty cool rewards. Want to be an Associate Producer on Dislecksia: The Movie? Well, here's your chance, plus you'll know you will be helping teach kids how to read! Stay tuned for our first IndieGoGo webisode, which will introduce you to this new site and all the different features of the campaign!

P.S. Happy Dyslexia Awareness Month!

August 2011

Litchfield, CT

After one successful project on Kickstarter, we’ve decided to go back to this great crowd-funding site for partial help in paying for original musical compositions, launching a brand new film website, and end credits.  We’ve contracted great people to make these parts of the film a reality.  They have donated to the film by giving us great service for under their normal professional rate, but they still have to get paid.  That’s where you can help.  Your donations can help pay for these important parts of the film, and you get some great rewards for pledging!

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowdfunding website that allows people to get their creative projects funded by the public.  Projects run the gamut from film to fashion, to board games and comics.  Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding philosophy.  So, that means we have 58 days to raise $15,000.  If we don’t raise at least $15,000, we don’t receive any of the funding.


Dislecksia: The Movie Producers: Eric Gardner and Harvey Hubbell V

For the 181 backers that pledged during our first Kickstarter campaign (thank you again!), their pledges are able to be combined with Kickstarter: The Sequel.  That means that if they pledged $20 towards our first campaign, and $30 for our new campaign that’s happening now, they’re eligible for the $50 reward level, on top of the rewards they will receive from the first campaign!  What a deal!  Rewards for this Kickstarter campaign range from a Dislecksia: The Movie pen, to access to the producers of Dislecksia: The Movie through phone calls, dinners, or screenings.    

We’re working hard on Facebook, Twitter, and our other social media outlets to spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign.  Please visit our Kickstarter page, make a pledge, and tell your friends and family about this important documentary and how they can help us complete this important film…and get some great rewards in the meantime!  Thank you for your support!

P.S. Another way you can support this project is by LIKING our new recently launched Dislecksia: The Movie fan page!  Please like our new page to help us continue spreading awareness on Facebook and beyond.

July 2011

Ocean City, NJ
Honorary Crew Member of the Month!

So far, we’ve held three Dislecksia: The Movie audience participation screenings (Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Princeton), and are gearing up for Ocean City, NJ, which will happen Saturday, July 23rd.  The responses we’ve received from the screenings so far have been great, and we’re looking forward to hearing what these audiences have to say about the film.  Every participant in these screenings is helping to shape Dislecksia: The Movie into a better film, and the entire crew thanks you for your participation. 

We’ve had some amazing help with all the screenings and we couldn’t have done it without them.  Beth Ravelli reached out to us right away when she heard about these screenings, and within minutes of talking to her, Ocean City officials were calling the office to get the ball rolling!

Thank you, Beth, for all of your hard work on this event, and for that, we give you the title of Honorary Crew Member of the Month.  Aimee spoke with Beth about her connection to dyslexia and the film, and gained some real insight into the importance of advocacy.

Aimee: How are you connected to dyslexia? 

Beth: Well, I knew when my daughter, Samantha was really young… I didn’t know what it was. I just knew something wasn’t… right. I don’t even want to say the word “right” because ... you just learn differently.  I knew it when she was very young, at like three, but everybody kept telling me I was crazy.

The honest to God truth is when Sam was diagnosed, I was just like every person: “Pfft, what’s so hard about that? Reversed letters. That’s not a problem. We’ll deal with that.”

Aimee: But it never is that simple, is it?

Beth: After trying different schools, and programs, my family eventually made the decision for Sam and I to move to Ocean City to get her the help she needed. I chose Ocean City was because they had The Wilson Program implemented it the longest, I knew it was somebody more experienced and I knew with Sam’s severity she’d need somebody very experienced in what they were teaching.

Aimee: What happened that made you connect with Harvey and Dislecksia: The Movie?

I found Harvey by actually going on the website um youtube, I use to go on the website to try to learn.  And then the next thing I know, I think I wrote you an email. And you respond to us like, ‘Oh wow these are legitimate people. These people are really going to do something, you know.’ I was like thrilled.

Aimee: Now, you and your daughter, Sammi, recently got a bill passed in the State of NJ that formed the NJ Reading Disabilities Task Force.  How did that come about? 

The reason people tell me that this got any notoriety, or that dyslexia was noticed and stuff was that there was this little girl who was standing up alone saying “I’m dyslexic, will you help me?”  Sam and I would travel to Trenton all the time and she would testify in front of the Education Committee because once she realized she could read she wanted to help other kids. So she would go up there all by herself and testify.

She’d sit at the desk with the Assemblymen and the Senator in front of all these people, I remember one time she got a standing ovation with like a standing room only because she was just a little girl. You know, 9 year old child sitting here saying “please teach me to read.” And it would hit the headlines all over the place, you know? So we had to do that like 7 times before we could get the law passed.  Here is a link for more information on the NJ Reading Disabilities Task Force.  Beth and Aimee chatted a lot more, so stay tuned on the website for additional commentary from this wonderful advocate.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Ocean City!

Sam with past Dislecksia Donor of the Month, Andy Kavulich

June 2011

Litchfield, CT
Florida Update!

The dyslexia world, like all worlds, is a small one, and it seems to have gotten even smaller since we’ve started putting together these audience participation screenings.  Back in April when we showed clips of the film at the CT Film Festival, we invited Lexercise Chief Knowledge Officer Sandie Barrie Blackley to join us for the panel discussion. 



In our talks leading up to the event with Sandie about Lexercise, we talked about the recent release of The Lexercise Screener, an online tool that allows parents and clinicians to spot children who may be at risk for dyslexia.  At that time, research was being conducted on The Lexercise Screener by Dr. Linda Lombardino at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  You can see the positive results of the online screener here.



Fast forward a few months and here we are planning for a road trip.  As we previously mentioned, we were aiming to hold several audience participation screenings in Northern Florida and having not such great luck when a lightbulb went off: What about Linda down at University of FL?!  Mere hours after we hung up with Linda after our initial conversation, she had a date and venue cleared at the University of Florida!  That’s the power of dyslexia advocates! 


It's a jungle out there.

With the ball rolling (and rolling fast) down in Gainesville, here are the details: We’ll be holding an audience participation screening on Tuesday, July 12th at the College of Education at the University of Florida.  The screening will be held in Norman Hall, Room 137 from 7:00pm – 9:45pm.  If you’d like to get involved, or would like more information about this event, please contact the office at 860-567-0675 or by email at  Thank you to Linda and her team at University of Florida!  We’ll see you in 35 days.  Let the countdown begin!


May 2011

Litchfield, CT
Road Trip!

Dislecksia: The Movie is going on the road! After a successful rough cut screening of clips from the opening night of the CT Film Festival, under the reccomendation of our wonderful advisory board, we are putting together several audience participation screenings across the country. These screenings will show the entire 90 minutes of our almost finished film in order to gain candid feedback from a varied audience.

Road trip


The greater the audience that can appreciate and be educated by the film, the greater the impact Dislecksia: The Movie will have. Since Harvey is a non-linear thinker, the film follows his "not so straight arrow" style of thinking, and we want to make sure that while the film twists and turns along the way, the audience still gets it.

After watching this film, the audience will be asked to fill out a 20 page questionaire about various aspects of the film. Finally, Harvey will come on stage and hold a discussion about Dislecksia: The Movie. We will also have interview stations set up after the discussion to catch the audience's reactions as they leave the theater. at the movies


NJ Sign

We plan to hold screenings in Northern Florida the week of July 11th, and will be in Princeton and Ocean City, NJ the following weel (pretty good timing for us to be near the shore!) Check out our events page for more information here. If you'd like more information on how you can help us with screenings in your area, check out this guide on our facebook page here. Please contact us at 860-567-0675 or with any questions. We would love to have your support! Time to start packing!

March 2011

Litchfield, CT
Coming Soon!

Coming in 2011.  Really.  If you haven’t seen the short teaser of what was shot in Los Angeles on March 7th, you should. It's right here! Dislecksia: The Movie is coming!  Captured Time East and West came together to shoot the conclusion of Dislecksia: The Movie at Glenwood Studios, along with some help from Sarah Joy Brown.

We owe a big thank you to our crew who showed up after weeks of being pushed back, excited and ready to finish this important documentary.  Most of us have worked together on this project for years, and it’s always a great feeling to get everyone back together, especially for this important shoot.  The funds that we raised through our Kickstarter project got us to this point, so it truly was your donations at work!

Stay tuned for an interview with one of the camera operators from the shoot for his Crew Member of the Month piece, but first, let’s talk film festivals.  On April 6th, the opening night of the CT Film Festival will feature short clips from Dislecksia: The Movie!  At The Palace Theater in Danbury, CT starting at 6pm, Harvey will speak about his experiences growing up with dyslexia at a time when not much was known about the learning difference.  Through his time directing and producing Dislecksia: The Movie, he’ll talk about the advances we’ve made since then, and what we need to do to make sure that the 1 in 7 people in the world with dyslexia get the help and understanding they need. 

Afterward, a panel discussion of area educators, parents and students, policy makers, brain scientists, and attorneys will answer any questions from the audience, and lead a discussion on an action plan to continue spreading dyslexia awareness in the community. Find the answers to the questions you have, enter into a community that will support you, and see that you are not alone.

The audience will then be able to continue the conversation in The Palace Theater lobby to an upscale film industry cocktail reception to benefit Dislecksia: The Movie sponsored by Union Savings Bank, featuring the find food of executive chef, Michael Bick’s "Somethings Fishy Catering” complimented by Belgium’s newest export; PALM Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Tickets start at $35 (which include a $10 donation to Dislecksia: The Movie) and can be purchased through the EventBrite page here.  Tickets are limited, so please don’t wait!  Please contact the Captured Time office at 860-567-0675 with any questions.  Thank you so much for your support of this important film and we’ll see you in Danbury on April 6th!

January 2011

Litchfield, CT
Donor of the Month

Being an independent filmmaker is a struggle for many reasons, but we love what we do so we continue on.  As Harvey says, “filmmakers are stamped at birth.”  Finding the funds to create a film is a long, difficult process, and our friends and family often bear the brunt of hearing about our funding woes.  That’s why, when someone close to the project makes a donation, it’s because they not only understand the importance of the film, but also the struggle that goes on behind the screen.  Our January Donor of the Month falls into that category: Harvey’s sister, Linda, and her husband, Bob.

Harvey and his sister, Linda

Grandpa Bob and his four grandsons


Linda has her own computer consulting business, NIAS, Peterson Software, that develops software for colleges and universities.  She and her husband, Bob, spend as much time as possible with their four children (two children and their spouses) and four grandsons, attending their soccer, baseball, and tennis practices and games.  Below, she explains the reason for her donation:

“[We] donated money to [Dislecksia: The Movie] mainly because '[Harvey] is my little brother' AND I want him to be able to get the movie finished and released so that lots of people can see it and understand dyslexia. We are all so very proud of what he has accomplished since he graduated from high school.  It proves to many people that you can be successful without going to college and by following your dreams.  I was his 'big sister' that helped him with his school work before I went to college.  When I was in college, I still helped him as much as possible. 

Harvey, his dad, and his four sisters

Hopefully, his movie and speaking engagements will make more people understand about learning problems, dyslexia being one of them.  His tireless efforts to help others is heart- warming to all of us.  Our daughter-in-law suffered with dyslexia in high school and college.  When she saw a preview of the movie, she asked my son "Now, do you understand what I go through?"  She felt the movie was very good and very thorough in explaining the problems that people with dyslexia have.”

Thank you, Linda, for your support and donation to Dislecksia: The Movie.  This film articulates the challenges that dyslexia causes, and helps others that don’t have dyslexia understand this learning difference.  When this film makes it way into living rooms, classrooms, Board of Education meetings, and legislative sessions, it will make a difference.  With every passing day that is spent working on this film, it becomes a stronger piece. 

Billy Bob Thornton, during his interview with Harvey

We are currently working on the Conclusion to Dislecksia: The Movie, and at this point, the interviews that were recorded with Billy Bob Thornton, Sarah Joy Brown and one of the toughest advocate Moms we’ve ever met have been added to the film.  The story continues to come together, and our message is loud and clear.  We are going to change laws and lives for dyslexics.  Your support and tax deductible donation to Dislecksia: The Movie will help us do that. We are also offering corporate sponsorship packages to LD-based companies - help us finish this film and get the the word out about your company and services in a variety of ways. Contact us today for more information!

P.S. If you had fun Skating for Dyslexia last month with Wishes of Literacy in Staten Island, they're hosting a Bowling for Dyslexia fundraiser on February 21st. Check out their Facebook event page here for more information, and help this group raise funds to open a school in their community for dyslexic students! Together, we can make a difference.

January 2011

Litchfield, CT

Thank you!

YOU’RE FUNDED!  What a great message to receive just in time for the New Year.  In 90 days, Dislecksia: The Movie raised $17,002 on Kickstarter, with the help of generous donations from 180 backers, exceeding our goal of $15,000.  These donations will help go towards the final costs of post-production and bring us one step closer to finishing Dislecksia: The Movie!  We couldn’t have done it without the help of old friends, new supporters, and friends and family, so thank you, to all 180 one of you!  Take a deep breath.  Here’s goes….Thank you to:

Kathleen Kandler and her daughter

Amanda Cunningham, Jessica Cunningham, CJ Lombardi, Stacey, Cathi Curtis, Paul Jays, Daria Lippmann, Angelique Murr, Sharon Pavon, Michael Joseph Matteucig, Kathy Root, Horace Harned, Ed Levick, Angie Nelson, Virginia Henning Mills, Nancy Gamble, Belinda, Gina Long, Theresa Collins, Jay Fusco, Christine Portelance, Katherine Ray, Holly Kaminski, Bari Levin, Kathryn Strand, Paige Davis, Diana Casteel, Paul Travaglione, Nicolle Gutierrez, Colleen Theresa McSpirit, Julie Gupton, Mitchell Abdullah, Rachel Bradley, Maureen Soch, Laura Cavalleri, John Bruns, Christine L. Collins, Debbie Pontelandolfo, Aled Parry, Sharon Miles, Laurain Small, Liza Coe, Mary Ann Santos, Diana Yonkouski, Bruce D. Haag, Rebecca Northcutt, Lisa Schuchman, Linda R. Morrissey, Matt Thompson, Declan Hubbell, Amelia Chick, Gary Ploski,

Connie Whippie, Rebecca Hart, Diana Garrett, Charlene Mercadante, Paul Mercadante, Julie Koelig Tobin, Mary Rose Theis, Donna Hill, John Lynch, Yuko Tsuji, Wendi Zimmerman, Mary, Patricia McGuire, Wendy Ramos, Patrice Liquori Athanasidy, Kerri Schiavo, Shanna Volpe, Lainee Engel, Kickstarrt Tina, Debbi Scott, Jennifer Biang, Cupcake, Voodo Fe’, Robin, Nicole Blood, Amy Little, Bridget Grady, Kelly Attebery, Sonja Moreau, Sam Ali, Leslie Sullivan, Michelle Brady, Robin, CogniBeat, Tony Pantuso, Susie Schapiro Nevins, Mike Dean, MB Wright, Pamela Veazie, Traci Law, Nick Arfaras, Kathleen Kandler, Helen Pantuso, Therese, Colleen Hetherington, Molly Reno, Tom Carney, Maryanne Holland Ruh, Melissa Mae Flaherty, Angel Dey, Kathleen Curtis, Tyler Cohen, Milaura Spelman, Noel Janis-Norton, Ronnie, Kim Matthews,

Debbie Pontelandolfo (congratulations!)

Marty Lang

Rhonda Hill, Cyndy DeLucia, Chris Shea, Phyllis C. Orlowski, Lino Capozzi, LeeAnne Clark, Mariette Austin, Nancy Nickerson, William B Murray/Wally Duke, Susan Hubbell, Jim Castonguay, Stacey Panchyshyn, Amelia McCarty, Lynn Cox, Gail Mittleman Benenson, Julie Behn, Christina Tejada, Christine Hislop Pudelko, Bianca Bob, John Hensley, Victoria H. Schwartz, UrsulaA, Helen Kaelin, Jenn LoNigro, Carina Gebl, Sharon, Marie Kertesz Capiris, Carol Mobley, Connecticut Film Festival, Jerelyn, Susie van der Vorst, Meraud De Dun Carraig, Pam Kanfer, Rob Williams, Susan Tuck, Steve Carnevale, Rachel Konstantin, Nicole Santos, Mary Mullaney, Magda, Tracy Taylor, Annie’s Mom, Philip Rubin, Joseph Vecchione, Jerry Taylor, Sharon Carlson,

Maura Petersen Celik, Amy Friedman, Jodie Siwik, Colin Van Deusen, Carol Beattie, Maria Backlund-Hassel, Diana Coutts, Dave Winters, Rema Sayge, Kim Burdick, Cindy Russell, Tom and Karen Russell, Marty Lang, Barbara Shapiro, Yvonne Walters, Kim Luoma, Lisa, Gil Teal, Kathleen Rapp, David Obershaw, Amy Duffield Fiederowicz, Karli Santos, Nicole, Eileen McCoy, Luann Mullen, Jaime Buckley…thank you!

Ruben and Sherie Escobar

November 2010

Litchfield, CT

Donor of the Month!

Our Donor of the Month is Katherine Ray, who, like most of the professionals we work with, is quite the multi-tasker, AND she’s dyslexic!  She’s donated both her time and money on various occasions, always willing to share her knowledge on the film industry and fundraising efforts.  In fact, when she stopped by to talk about grants for “Dislecksia: The Movie,” Aimee sat down with her for some girl talk…well, not really.


Aimee:  Every time I talk to you, it seems like you have something different going on.  What is it that you actually do?

Katherine: I am a line producer. I wasn’t always a line producer but I worked my way up.  It’s hard to say what I do because I still have my fingers in theater and I still have my fingers in television and film.  I’m a production professional. My latest endeavor is Metamorphosis Productions.  I am Executive producer/Artistic Director of a new residency improv/ puppetry/ indie film/video production, arts education center.

Aimee:  Out of everything you do, what’s your favorite?

Katherine:  Line producing is my favorite.  I love doing line producing because it’s right down in the field, its managing money, it’s managing the production and head babysitter and I tend to be good at that.

Katherine has donated to Dislecksia: The Movie through the International Documentary Association, as well as to our newest fundraising efforts on Kickstarter. She's even stopped by the office a few times to hand deliver donations - the crew always enjoys her visits and stories!  She understands how hard it is to get funding as an independent production company, and that sometimes you have to be creative…a lot creative.

“I am very fortunate to be a freelancer; I work in both the entertainment and corporate production worlds. This gives me access to people of means like CEO’s, bank presidents and other entrepreneurs.  I have no fear playing the game of “what’s in your pocket?” In which I politely ask them pull out the cash they in their pocket or wallet, then ask them how much of what they are showing me is going to be donated to the cause.  They never not give, whether it is 20 or 200 dollars, and it’s always done in a polite positive manner and taken with much gratitude, which leaves everyone happy.  My doctor recently learned the hard way when he pulled out a few hundred dollars.  “Dislecksia: The Movie” made out well that day!” - Katherine Ray

Katherine, thank you for your support of “Dislecksia: The Movie.”  We appreciate all that you’ve done for us and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.  To see Katherine’s advice on how to make it in the film industry, check out this sneak peek clip here on YouTube. While you're there, check out some other clips from Dislecksia: The Movie as well as some wisdom from Albert Einstein on our page.

Dislecksia: The Movie is currently 51% funded on Kickstarter, with only 32 days left to go!  We need to raise $7244 in the next 32 days in order to get all $15,000 to put towards post-production.  We need your help.  We cannot do this without you.  This is an "All or Nothing" funding web site, so every dollar counts! Please join Dislecksia: The Movement and help fund change here.

November 2010

Litchfield, CT

Dislecksia gets a Kickstart!(er)

In light of the need for funding to finish Dislecksia, the Captured Time team has initiated a fundraising campaign on  When you first heard about our project on Kickstarter, it had literally just been launched.  Now, we’re about a third of the way in, and 20% funded…practically veterans. 

Now we're spreading the word about our fundraising goal non-stop via Facebook, our blog, Twitter, and through smoke signals.

Established in 2009, Kickstarter is a “crowdfunding” based website for funding creative projects.  Creators must submit a project proposal to Kickstarter to be approved, after which they select a minimum financial goal and a target deadline. Anyone can pledge a monetary donation, and depending on the amount pledged, donors will receive various collectibles and signed production stills, among other rewards, from director/producer/dyslexic Harvey Hubbell V.

Most importantly, the funds are only collected if the target amount is reached by the creator’s chosen deadline.  In short – if the goal isn’t met?  We don’t get anything.  Ergo: we need to meet our deadline!

Our target goal is $15,000.  Our deadline is January 2, 2011.  2:07 PM to be exact.  We currently have 46 backers that have pledged a total of $3113.00 over a span on 30 days, and we thank them tremendously for their support.  But we’re not done yet.

That’s where you come in – and we need you more than you could ever know.  Your donations go directly to post-production, the “final stretch” of the film, if you will.  Please help us add hi-def graphics, compose the score, finalize the mix, and help us promote this film to help change public opinion. With all-or-nothing funding, $1 will go a long way. Any amount pledged with help.

These final costs will create a professionally finished piece, in a format acceptable to major film festivals around the world - a crucial step in gaining distribution.

Yes, you.

During Harvey and Aimee’s recent trip to Arizona for the IDA Conference, they spoke with learning-difference based companies about a Corporate Sponsorship package for Dislecksia.  Would you like to have your company logo on our end credits?  How about an advertisement listed in our companion book, or a link to your website on ours?  The possibilities are endless, but time is running out.  Please contact us today to talk about the different packages available to you. 
This is more than a movie.  This is a mission, a movement.  Your donation goes not only toward producing a picture, but pushing for widespread change.  Dislecksia is the most comprehensive film on dyslexia to date.  It will be shown in classrooms across the globe, uncovering the desperate need to change the education system.  Help this movie, and you help generations of kids learn to read.  Together we can change their lives. can!


P.S. We publish a lot of information about the film and our fundraising projects, but we realize that there is only so much detail that can be included.  If you have a question or concern about something (anything!), give us a call (860-567-0675) or shoot us an email (captimepro@gmail).   We’re always happy to answer a question or offer more information! 

October 2010

Litchfield, CT

Dyslexia Awareness Month!

Happy Fall from Captured Time!  October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and Harvey will be traveling all over to, indeed, spread awareness all this month.  Before the first plane takes off, however, we have one very important launch of our own to make: Kickstarter! Dislecksia: The Movie has been accepted as a project on the groupfunding network Kickstarter, and we have 90 days to raise $15,000! For your donation, you get some pretty cool Dislecksia gear, as well as the ability to join a community that is helping teach kids how to read! One dollar can go a long way, so please help us by making a donation and spreading the word when our project goes live!

Check out Harvey's profile here!

Now, back to Harvey's busy itinerary. His first stop has him landing in Indianapolis, IN during the first week of October.  On Wednesday, October 6th, Harvey will be all over Indianapolis, speaking to students about his experiences with dyslexia and how this learning difference turned out to be a positive in this life, at three area schools: Metropolitan High School, The Hutson School, and St. Thomas Aquinas School.

Harvey will also be part of an invitation-only brain trust meeting, to start planning for a larger event next year to kick off Dyslexia Awareness Month!

That night, Harvey will speak to “The Dyslexic Mind: The Challenge and the Gift,” at Cathedral High School, an event that is open to the public.  For more information, please visit our Events page here.  Thank you to the Indiana Branch of the IDA for inviting Harvey to their city!

Cathedral High School, IN

Great minds think alike, because the following week, the Maryland Branch of the IDA will host Harvey at Loyola University on Wednesday, October 13th as he tells his story about “Overcoming the Struggle to Read.”  For more information, please visit our Events page here.  During his time in Maryland, Harvey will speak to students at Highlands School, The Jemicy School, The Odyssey School, and (just announced!), the Baltimore Lab School.  We are excited to be able to reach the public about dyslexia and continue spread awareness as we strive to finish the film.

For our supporters in Ohio, the 2nd annual Dyslexia Awareness Rally will be held on Wednesday, October 6th on the State House South Lawn, from 10am – 2pm.  The Rally will include speakers, testimonials from dyslexics, a dyslexia simulation, and much more!  For more information, visit the COBIDA Events page here.  Although Harvey will not be present, we fully support the changes that are coming to OH.  Let’s get these laws passed and our kids reading! To see the latest news on what changes are being talked about in OH, check out this article from the Columbus Dispatch.

Finally, it’s almost time for the IDA’s Annual Conference, and Harvey and Aimee will be back again this year to speak to LD-based companies about cross-marketing, as well as schools for kids with learning differences to set up speaking engagements and other future events.  We look forward to catching up with old friends, as well as making new ones, as well all come together to share our passion in helping kids learning how to read.  It’s going to be a busy month, so stay tuned for more updates!

September 2010

Litchfield, CT

Crew Member of the Month

Captured Time’s Crew Member of the Month is a jack of all trades, who came into the project as our sound editor and quickly took to wearing many hats at Captured Time West, even securing our interview with Billy Bob Thornton with his professional connections. Peter McCabe, another dyslexic crew member, took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to Cap Time Coordinator, Aimee, on why he chose to work on the film.


All photos courtesy of

Some members of Dislecksia's think tank

Aimee: What about the film made you want to get involved?

Peter: It was compelling on a lot of different levels.  I never thought of it as a community of people, just something that was happening.  It’s nice to see that there is a think tank pushing for answers and solutions and ways to handle it.  So, it was pretty beautiful on a lot of different levels for me. 

Aimee: What’s been your favorite thing to work on for the film?

Peter:  They all have their own charms.  What was really cool, was working on the audio before I met Harvey in person.  It was kind of like I got to know him really well, and when I met him he felt like an old friend, it was really cool.

Sarah Joy Brown recalls an emotional time during her school years.

One of my favorite things was] going out and doing shoots, and watching these people tell their stories and how they open up to us.  [Peter helped record and photograph our Billy Bob Thornton and Sarah Joy Brown interviews.]  Being let in their houses, or them showing up and telling their stories and watching tears well up, you know have someone going through their process.  It sort of unifies you, just sort of helps kick in the fact that there's a community who's suffered. When I was a kid you didn't really talk about stuff like this.  You just did the best you could to get through life, through school, you know?

Aimee: What do you do when you're not working on "Dislecksia: The Movie"? 

Peter: When I'm not working on Dislecksia, which is rare, I'm out either shooting photos or working on records, on music with bands.  I just wrapped up working on a new Morgan Spurlock picture, called the Fan's Hope down in San Diego. It's about Comic Con, and it was an amazing adventure.  [We] filmed and we shot stills to make a coffee table book to go along with the movie.

I [also] work with a band called Vintage Trouble.  Their record just went up on iTunes that I produced. Everyone should listen to that, they're just awesome.

Aimee: Ok, last one.  Anything else you’d like us to know.

Peter: Everyone should go see [Dislecksia: The Movie].  It’s fun.  It’s a tear jerker, too. 

Thank you, Peter, for joining the Dislecksia: The Movie crew! We have exciting news coming up about Donors of the Month, as well as updates on Harvey's speaking engagements happening in October, so stay tuned!

August 2010

Litchfield, CT

Dislecksia gets some star power!

The Dislecksia Crew: Peter, Harvey, Aimee, and Eric. Not shown: Michael, Vinnie & Derek.

 Captured Time Productions is proud to announce that Billy Bob Thornton and Sarah Joy Brown of The Bold and the Beautiful, agreed to be interviewed for “Dislecksia: The Movie” during our recent trip to LA!

As soon as we got the call, we were off! We’d heard about Billy Bob Thornton’s experiences with dyslexia and knew it was a great testimony we’d love to add to our story. Dyslexics compensate for their weaknesses by excelling in other areas, and Billy Bob is no exception.

Billy Bob Thornton won an Oscar for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium for Sling Blade!


A successful actor, musician, writer and director, his many talents have made him the household name he is today. While relating memories about the frustrations of schooling and how dyslexics have an entirely different experience, he told us about the people in his life who encouraged him and helped him reach the place he is today. His mom and his high school drama teacher's support played largely into Billy Bob's success outside of school.


Going from a time that people misunderstood dyslexia and just thought he was “slow,” Billy Bob is quick to identify the changes that need to happen in our educational system so we don’t leave these unique minds aside. “There’s a novel idea,” he says. “Make school interesting.” As we talked to him, we found he shared a lot of the same thoughts. In a sense dyslexia’s difficulties can be exhausting for students and adults who have it, and so it’s easier to process information in a way that doesn’t mean forcing yourself to read it off a paper.

Billy Bob showing us pictures from his youth.

Sarah Joy Brown agreed. An 3 time Emmy award winning actress, she told us how she could memorize dozens of pages in a extremely short amount of time for General Hospital, but when asked to read something off a teleprompter or on the fly, she knew herself enough to decline.
By discovering she had a gift for memorization, she was able to move quickly from studying to performing, and by understanding “the way my brain didn’t learn, [she] found other ways to learn.” 
We’re so excited to have both of these accomplished professionals participating in “Dislecksia: The Movie”! As we reach the end of the project, we’ve found that others who are speaking out are saying what we’ve been learning all along; dyslexics can succeed despite their differences, and others need to understand the struggles they face!

As Billy Bob Thornton and Sarah Joy Brown have joined the project, a recognizable face of dyslexia is emerging; but if you’re the parent of a dyslexic, you already know what that face looks like! Please help us represent their needs to the world. Keep spreading the word about “Dislecksia: The Movie. This is the time to make this film a reality.  Get in touch with us to learn more!

We’re just trying to help kids read, and we need your help to do that. Although donations are appreciated, consider what else you can do to advance the cause of dyslexics. Can you put us in touch with your schools and community to set up panel discussions, speaking engagements, and sneak peek previews of sections of the rough cut? Maybe you can host a fundraiser? If you haven’t, tell your friends and family!

P.S. Despite Dyslexia is in the running in the Pepsi Refresh Project for a 250K grant. If they win, they will donate $10,000 to Dislecksia: The Movie. You can vote for them at dyslexia, by texting 101667 to 73774, or by voting through the Pepsi Refresh Voting App on Facebook. Voting only takes seconds of your time each day, but if enough supporters do it, we can change the world!

For more information on voting, click here for a how to video!

June 2010

Litchfield, CT

Soulmates become Angels

Some of our greatest supporters are very near and dear to us. Harvey Hubbell IV is one of those people. He and his wife, Ann, wanted to help their son’s film reach completion. During the project, Mr. Hubbell came to recognize the traits of dyslexia, and how his struggles in school mirrored those of his son. When he saw the early cuts of the film, he knew it had to be made and shared with others.

They set about putting aside funds to help finish the movie. But February 16th of this year, his life ended abruptly. While still grieving, Harvey’s step-mother Ann passed away less than 3 months later. After a long and rich life and 22 years of happy marriage, both passed away this spring, leaving family members remembering and those touched by their lives fondly reminiscing.

Mr. Hubbell’s wish to see his son’s work finished is not forgotten though; a week before Ann passed away, the money they put away for the movie was provided for the production. Although nothing could replace them, their memory lives on with their wish to see the film made.

Family was very important to Harvey and Ann, and they cherished the time they had together. Because of the genetic component of dyslexia, it’s possible they felt Dislecksia: The Movie was an important way to show love for their family, and others, by leaving a legacy that spoke to children with learning differences, and the people who care about them.

Whether or not dyslexia runs in your family, it’s not too hard to find a few degrees of separation between yourself and estimated one of the one in seven in the world with dyslexia (Mayo Clinic). With your support and donation, we can raise awareness about the issues they face, and provide a lasting influence that will change the way people view dyslexia.



We’ll never forget Harvey and Ann Hubbell, two soulmates who became angels and left us a legacy we’ll always remember.


May 2010

Litchfield, CT

Donor of the Month!

The Hubbell Family Historical Society logo

As many of you know, Harvey’s main reason for existing on Facebook is to spread dyslexia awareness and promote our film, “Dislecksia: The Movie.”  However, Harvey recently started using Facebook in order to connect with the 6,000 descendants of Richard Hubball (Hubbell, Hubble, Hubbel, Hubel, Huble) in North America.  Richard settled in Connecticut from Rock, Worcestershire, England in the early 1600's.  Harvey’s quest to unite with his relatives  led him to Stephen Hubbell, who graciously donated to “Dislecksia: The Movie” and is our May Donor of the Month!  Here is Stephen’s story:  

“Wow! To be selected as your Donor of the Month is not something I ever expected.  Since one of my cousins invited me to donate to this cause and I felt there is a genuine need that others might easily overlook, I felt compelled to make a donation. You see, I am an ordinary fellow who earned my first college degree at the age of 47. I went on to receive my B.A. in Christian Ministries two years later and my M.Ed. as I approached the age of 57.


My problems as a student earlier in my life cannot be blamed upon dyslexia, but rather they were due to my lack of self-discipline and motivation.  As an educator, I came into contact with many children with the very same problems as I had, and I could relate to their dilemma. This allowed me to be able to escort them to a much higher plane and escape their prisons.
Periodically, I would encounter a child with dyslexia who needed more help than I could offer. Knowing firsthand that their problems had a root beyond laziness and lack of motivation, I was able to convince their teachers and their parents to seek help from professionals who were trained to deal with their learning difference. Thankfully, most of these young people are now on track to be successful in their adult lives.” 

Stephen, Captured Time is extremely grateful for your donation.  Thank you.  We will get across the finish line, and we couldn’t have done it without your help!  We also want to acknowledge Radcliffe Creek School in Chestertown, MD for bringing Harvey to their school to speak to their students about the bright side of dyslexia and how “Dislecksia: The Movie” will spread awareness across the globe. 

These bright students were eager to interact with Harvey and show off their school’s multisensory approach to learning.  Harvey and Aimee would like to spend a special thank you to Lisa Taylor’s class for their heartfelt letters of appreciation.  In association with Radcliffe Creek School’s Speaker Series, during his time in Maryland, Harvey also spoke at Washington College to the community about “Dislecksia: The Movie,” and why the need for awareness and activism is so great. 

Harvey made sure everyone heard his message of dyslexia awareness during the visit.

Math Class at Radcliffe Creek School

If only these types of resources and schools were available to every child.  With your support, it can happen.  “Dislecksia: The Movie” will be the vehicle we need to get this information out to the parents, schools, and policymakers who need it.  We hope to finish this film by this summer; can you help us?  Make a donation today, and let’s teach these kids to read. 


April 2010

Litchfield, CT

Crew Member of the Month!

Captured Time’s favorite hyphenate, producer-editor, Eric Gardner, is our April Crew Member of the Month!  Our fearless “preditor” (get it?), holds down the fort of Captured Time West, working tirelessly to finish “Dislecksia: The Movie.”  Eric is an Emmy-nominated editor for Survivor, and his resume is impressive: director, producer, editor, writer, Harvey's best friend…the list goes on and on.   Captured Time is incredibly lucky to have such a talented and creative force on their side.

Eric at Captured Time West

Captured Time East is counting down the days until Eric’s next visit, which traditionally coincides with the start of the Summer Crew coming in.  While Eric is here, he, Harvey, and the crew will rally to complete “Dislecksia: The Movie” this summer!  We have the will and the manpower, but we are still looking for finishing funds.  To make a tax-deductible donation, click here! 

Thank you to everyone who made our visit to Triad Academy in Winston-Salem, NC such a success!  Schools and students like yours are an inspiration.  We know that every child deserves such an education, and will not stop fighting until this is possible. Triad Academy gives us hope that dyslexia awareness is spreading, and our partnership can only help the movement!

With over 120 people in attendance at the panel discussion, questions were answered and hopes were raised.  Captured Time greatly appreciates all the time and effort put in by Triad Academy and the North Carolina branch of the International Dyslexia Association to make this event happen.

Also, don’t forget that Joe Pantoliano’s documentary, “No Kidding, Me Too!” goes on sale on Amazon on Tuesday, April 27th. You can preorder your copy here.  A high tide raises all ships!


You can follow both "No Kidding, Me Too!" and "Dislecksia: The Movie" on Facebook and Twitter. Show your support and join today!


April 2010

Chestertown, MD

Keynote Speaker Address!

The Radcliffe Creek School Speaker Series introduces Harvey Hubbell V!  Harvey will be traveling to Chestertown, MD in order to speak with students at Radcliffe Creek School about “Dislecksia: The Movie” and his experiences living with this learning difference.  Also, in conjunction with Washington College, Harvey will be the keynote speaker at an open event Friday evening at the Gibson Center for the Arts

Starting at 7pm, Harvey will show clips from “Dislecksia: The Movie” and lead the audience of parents and community members in a question and answer segment.  This event is open to the public and free of charge.  For more information, or to RSVP, please visit the Events section of the “Dislecksia: The Movie” Facebook page.  Maryland, here we come! 

Washington College's Gibson Center for the Arts

One person, one school, one community, one state at a time “Dislecksia: The Movie” will spread awareness about dyslexia and provide much needed information to the 35 million Americans who need it.  Before this can happen, this film needs to be finished and we need your help to do it!  Make your tax-deductible donation today and let’s finish this film together! 

P.S. Stay tuned for pictures and video segments of Harvey’s recent trip to Triad Academy in Winston-Salem, NC! 

March 2010

Winston-Salem, NC

Harvey travels to Triad Academy!

Harvey Hubbell V is headed to North Carolina!  On Thursday, March 25th, Harvey will take part in a panel discussion in Winston Salem, an event put together by local school, Triad Academy in conjunction with the North Carolina branch of the International Dyslexia Association. As part of a four day tour at Triad Academy, Harvey will speak to Triad Academy students about dyslexia, his experiences as a dyslexic, as well as his mission to bring about awareness with his film, Dislecksia: The Movie.”

Harvey is also honored to be the keynote speaker at Triad Academy’s Spring Luncheon, bringing awareness to the community of this forward-thinking school, that uses Orton-Gillingham based methods to reach students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.  Their motto says it all, “Learning.  With a Difference.” 

The panel discussion will take place at The Calhoun Room at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 520 Summit Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.  Other panelists include Triad Academy Director, Carrie Malloy, and area educators and researchers in the field of dyslexia. 

 The panel will be moderated by Augustine Project (Winston Salem chapter) co-founder Becky Clingman.  Those of all ages are welcome to this event.  To submit questions for discussion or for more information about this event, please email or call: 336-775-4900. 

If you would like to speak to Harvey about a speaking engagement, please call 860-567-0675 or email

You can RSVP to this event through the "Dislecksia: The Movie" Facebook group page. If you're not a member, join today. While you are there, start a discussion, help a stranger, and become a part of the Dislecksia Movement!

We'll see you in North Carolina!

February 2010

Litchfield, CT

Donor of the Month

Phyllis on the Newtown Screening's Panel

Phyllis Orlowski is our donor of the month.

"As a mother, teacher and now a dyslexia advocate, I can't think of a better cause than contributing to the completion of Harvey's documentary, 'Dislecksia: The Movie.' Public awareness is desperately needed for the dyslexic community!

"My journey began when my son, Desi, was in first grade and struggled terribly in school. I knew something was wrong because he was so smart, and I didn't understand why he struggled to learn to read.

My two other sons didn't have problems in school, so when the teachers told my son to keep on trying, we believed them. I got my masters in reading to teach my son myself, but that training did not work either. Six years later with almost no progress in reading, we learned Desi was dyslexic and the teachers’ efforts, although well intentioned, were not working. Trying harder was not the answer: small group classes, explicit instruction, with Orton Gillingham teaching methods and technology that is dyslexic friendly, are the solution.

Phyllis, Desi and Guinevere Eden, President of the IDA
"Desi attended the Gow School for dyslexic boys in South Wales, New York in 7th and 8th grade and progressed tremendously. The class that made the biggest difference for him was an Orton-Gillingham based class called "Reconstructive Language." There are not many schools that specialize in teaching dyslexics, and they are very costly. Desi was extremely fortunate to attend the Gow School.
"As a teacher, I see dyslexic students in my classes everyday. Most feel they are not very smart because they don't score well on tests like their peers do. They get no support in public school, at least not in mine; they have to figure it out on their own. Many are very discouraged and feel that their career options are limited because of their school abilities. This is very sad, and unfair.

Desi (center) & Two Friends at Gow

"Finally, as an advocate, I am in litigation with my son's public district to get tuition reimbursement for the Gow School, and possibly, get Desi back there. The battle has been going on for three years and is now at the state federal level. It’s expensive. With what we have spent in litigation, along with the school's legal expenses, many teachers could have been trained in Orton-Gillingham methods and employed by the school to help many dyslexic students. They key to advocating is to NOT back down for what you know is right.

"Don't give up. All of you dyslexics, and dyslexic supporters, your turn is coming! Linear thinkers, watch out! Harvey, best wishes to you and your documentary, and thank you, Eric, Aimee, and all of your staff for your hard work!"

Phyllis is a longtime friend of Harvey and Captured Time, as well as the advocate behind the inspiring “Dyslexics Rights” Facebook page. Check out the site by clicking here. Be like Phyllis and help finish "Dislecksia: The Movie" by donating today.

February 2010

Litchfield, CT

Crew Member of the Month

From garbage girl two summers ago to Production Office Coordinator… Aimee is baaaaaack. Since her time as an intern, she graduated from WCSU (and from the world of insurance billing)… and that’s about it. As fresh to the industry as a new cup of coffee, Aimee has been tackling coordinating Harvey, the interns, and the office and juggling the professionals, as well as rough editing on the Avid in her spare time.

Intern Jesse and Aimee with Joey Pants

Aimee also helps out in the bookkeeping, tech, and animal (and every other) department. Fearless and versatile, she manages to meet every task with energy despite subsisting solely on potato chips, mac & cheese and coffee. Aimee is the glue that keeps the production office together, coordinating our creative and logistical efforts and making sure everything runs smoothly.

When she’s not at Cap Time, Aimee hangs out with her beagle, Jude… when she is at Cap Time, she also hangs out with Jude – the newest production pup, who is happily becoming a country dog.


December 2009

Litchfield, CT

Donor of the Month

December’s donor of the month is Harvey's old friend, Sonja Jackson-Moreau. Sonja has donated both time and money to "Dislecksia: The Movie."

"I've been a friend of Harvey's for a few years, but I was unaware that he had dyslexia, or really what dyslexia was for that matter. I'd always thought of it as some strange habit of seeing numbers and letters jumbled or backwards. After learning about his new project, "Dislecksia: The Movie," and the fact that Harvey himself was dyslexic, I became more interested in what exactly dyslexia was all about."


"I donated to the film and also volunteered my time to assist at a rough-cut pre-screening of the movie in Newtown, CT. Afterwards, I listened to the panel of speakers, which included parents of dyslexic children, children with dyslexia, and experts discussing the condition and alternative teaching methods. I felt enlightened, and became an advocate. I wanted to share what I had learned through Harvey's movie and the little bit of research I’d done on my own."

Sonja, Harvey, and Sonja's husband, Tom

"Since then, I’ve discovered that there are many people within my immediate circle of friends and work peers that are dyslexic or know someone with dyslexia. By introducing the movie and its website to everyone I know, I try to bring about awareness. I want people to realize and spread the message that dyslexia doesn't have to be ignored or silenced by the "normal" folks out there. Dyslexia is a daily reality for all those who are coping with their or their loved ones’ condition."

Thank you very much, Sonja, for your generous donation and for actively advocating for dyslexics and our film. Please help make this important project a reality by contributing here. If you would like to learn ways to donate your time to our cause, contact us at 860-567-0675. We would like to wish all of our supporters and their families happy holidays. See you in 2010!

Seen Here: Holiday Harvey Contemplates the Paradox of the Ninth Reindeer

December 2009

Litchfield, CT

Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate

I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine who I have had the pleasure to meet and work with. This individual appeared in our production of "Dislecksia: The Movie" and has been my friend ever since. He is outspoken about his dyslexia and is an inspiration to all of us, especially to our young people.

Congressman Kendrick Meek is a Democrat from South Florida who is running for the U.S. Senate. He is a true public servant who has served his state as Trooper in the Florida Highway Patrol, as a state legislator and member of Congress. Kendrick led the movement in Florida to amend the constitution to ensure smaller class sizes in the state's public schools. With the support of millions of Florida voters, the measure passed, and smaller class sizes are now the law of the land in Florida.

Can you imagine if a fellow dyslexic were elected to the U.S. Senate and we had our very own advocate in Washington working on our behalf on this critical issue?

Click here to give a $5 donation to Kendrick Meek and help him win.

With road blocks continually put up, progress is slow and what we need is to have people like Kendrick Meek on our side. I am confident that Kendrick can win this election, but I'm just as sure that he needs your help in order to do it.

Click here to give a $5 donation to Kendrick Meek so that he can help us achieve real results in the U.S. Senate.

Let's elect one of our own to the U.S. Senate and put a real champion for education in a position to affect positive change for all of us.

Harvey Hubbell V

December 2009

Litchfield, CT

Joey Pants and "Dislecksia: The Movie"

Actor... activist... dyslexic... comedian... and the voice of "Dislecksia: The Movie!" Captured Time Productions is excited and honored to announce that Joe Pantoliano (Joey Pants) has agreed to record Pop Quiz voiceovers for "Dislecksia: The Movie." We are also hoping to have the honor and privilege of interviewing him and including some of his story in our film. Last week, the Captured Time crew was getting ready to close shop for the holiday weekend, when one final call snuck in. Although the crew was excited at spending a long weekend with friends and family, an even more exciting prospect was in store for them on the other end of the phone: Joey Pantoliano!

That's right. Teddy in Memento. Ralphie from The Sopranos. The Goonies' Francis Fratelli. We could go on and on, but there’s another facet to Joey Pantoliano that is nearer and dearer to Captured Time than his celebrity, and that’s his zest for advocacy and activism.

Just as “Dislecksia: The Movie” will spread awareness about dyslexia and help dyslexics to stop suffering unnecessarily within the educational system, Joey Pantoliano has made it his mission to is to remove the stigma attached to brain dis-ease through education and the breaking down of societal barriers. He created the organization No Kidding, Me Too! (NKM2) in order to empower those with brain dis-ease to admit their illness, seek treatment, and become even greater members of society. NKM2 the documentary recently premiered in NYC and Minneapolis, and the organization is working to raise funds in order to have the documentary shown on PBS.  For a donation of $50.00 or more, you will receive a copy of NKM2 and you’ll help bring them closer to their goal.

Much like Captured Time will go on the road once the film is finished to promote the “Dislecksia: The Movie” and advocate for dyslexics, Joey Pantoliano and NKM2 are on the road, bringing brain dis-ease, out into the open, creating a safe environment for those affected to speak about their experiences. 

Joey recently traveled to Iraq to screen his documentary with American soldiers, and to start a discussion regarding our soldiers’ struggles with brain dis-ease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injuries; controversial topics, and one that few would have the strength and courage to address, but Joey possesses a candor and stance that made it possible, and positive, for everyone involved. 

The Captured Time crew just finished viewing NKM2, and we felt that there was a strong connection between “Dislecksia: The Movie” and “No Kidding, Me Too!”  We are all very excited at having the support of Joey Pantoliano and working together in the very near future. 

This great success brings us one step closer to finishing the film, but we are still in need of your generous support.  Please keep spreading the word about “Dislecksia: The Movie,” and if you haven’t already, please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. There is no better time than now to make this film a reality.  Make a donation and help us finish this film!

November 11-14, 2009

Orlando, FL

In Search of Finishing Funds: Annual IDA Conference 2009

These past few weeks have been busy ones for the Captured Time crew; from recording new voice overs to double-checking the fonts in the film (over 100!). The film is steadily getting closer to being finished! Harvey and Aimee, our Production Office Coordinator, recently attended the 2009 IDA Conference in Orlando, FL. Cross-marketing was the name of the game as they walked through rows of vendors, making new connections and cementing old ones. Harvey and Aimee spoke with dozens of people about marketing their products/services along with our film, as a way to recieve the finishing funds we so desperately need.

Do you or someone you know have a product or service that could benefit from more awareness? Contact Captured Time Productions at (860)-567-0675; we look forward to speaking with you about cross-promotion! As always, donations are most appreciated and even the smallest amount helps.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation!

Where Your Donation Could Go:

Film Festival Packages:
Film Mix:
35 mm Print Transfer:
Sound Mixing:
Stock Footage:
$$$ +
Completing the Most Comprehensive Documentary on Dyslexia:



You can make a difference. Donate today!

November 2009

Columbus, OH COBIDA and Harvey Team Up in Ohio

On Friday, November 6th Harvey will be the guest speaker at the Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association’s Second Annual Fall Fundraiser: “Imagine! The Magic of the 20’s.” Complete with dinner, dancing and music, this promises to be a wonderful evening. Hosted by Kurt Ludlow of Columbus’ WBNS-IOTV, the event also features a silent auction with incredible prizes. The fundraiser is being held in downtown Columbus, Ohio, at the historic Columbus Athenaeum. We are very excited to be a part of this event.

Harvey has been invited to discuss “Dislecksia: The Movie” and the film’s mission to eliminate illiteracy. Like Captured Time, the Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (COBIDA) is working hard to spread awareness of dyslexia. They provide programs for affected families, understanding that early intervention can have a profound effect on individuals with learning differences. This is the type of advocacy and innovation in education that our film will promote and unite across the country and abroad.

We are constantly working with other dyslexia activists and organizations towards our shared goal. Connections have been made nationwide and around the world. This movie must be available to as large an audience as possible in order to enact the greatest change in our educational systems; however, without a finished film this is impossible! Please, help us finish the movie by donating today. And, if you live in the Columbus area we hope you’ll make it out to the COBIDA Fundraiser! To learn more and to purchase tickets, visit COBIDA’s event page.

October 2009

Litchfield, CT Donor of the Month

Kathy Root

October 09' Donor of the Month

The donor of the month for October is Kathy Root. Kathy is the founder of Dyslexia RX, LLC which is located in Centennial, Colorado. In her own words she states, "for the last five years, I have been testing and tutoring children and adults with dyslexia.  It is my passion. I began researching dyslexia several years ago when I noticed that the struggling readers I was working with, as a public school educator, were demonstrating similar and unusual patterns of struggle. They were not improving with traditional best practices in reading instruction.

It is a relief on my part to finally be able to accurately diagnose these students with a very real language processing disorder, dyslexia.

It's a joy knowing that, at last, we have a sure way to bring those students up to grade level in reading, writing, and spelling, using best practices --supported by mountains of research -- for people with dyslexia. I can't wait for your movie to be released. There is an alarming amount of misinformation and lack of knowledge about dyslexia.

Dyslexia Rx, LLC

Click the picture for more information!

I'm hoping that your film will bring awareness to a wider spectrum of people (including educators) and facilitate change." All of us here at Captured Time would like to thank you, Kathy, for your contribution and for being a generous donor to our cause! For more information on how to donate, please visit our donations page located here!

October 2009

Litchfield, CT Cap Time Moves To The Conservancy

Harvey and the crew have relocated to a beautiful home on Duck Pond Road in Litchfield - our third move in 17 months! After two days of muscle flexing and moving trucks, all of our equipment and supplies have been safely transported from the lake. With computers wired, desks arranged, and coffee brewing, we've gotten back to work without a moment's delay.

We are very grateful to everyone in the Captured Time family who put in the extra time and effort to make the move go so smoothly. We haven't missed a beat, and are gathering all the final elements needed for the up-res. With the final steps towards a final picture in motion, finishing funds are as crucial as ever. Please help make "Dislecksia: The Movie" possible by donating today!

Although Captured Time had moved about recently, our 'preditor' (producer-editor) Eric and our graphic designer Sean are rooted in place, working hard on the film. Eric is cutting in the final pieces of stock footage, while Sean is busy putting the finishing touches on our 'dyslexic-celebrity' montage.

In other non-moving news, Harvey recently traveled to Infinity Hall to see the Bacon Brothers in concert. Michael Bacon, our composer, will soon be working on a "brain-theme" for "Dislecksia: The Movie". Our fearless producers, Harvey and Eric, are trying to convince Michael to let us film him in his studio in New York City. Then, not only will we have his brilliant score in the film, but also be able to catch his creative genius at work.

Keep a close eye on our website in the next few months for more information about our composer! As always, thank you for supporting "Dislecksia: The Movie" and our mission to teach kids how to read. Your donation, of any amount, is very much appreciated. Thank you!


September 2009

Morris, CT Donor of the Month

Paul A. Travaglione

September 09' Donor of the Month

The donor of the month for September is Paul Travaglione. Paul has struggled with dyslexia his entire life and believes that it is time for the world to approach dyslexia differently. "I am doing my best to reshape my beliefs about Dyslexia. I believe your movie will help." With the way the education system is set up now, people with dyslexia do not recieve the support that they need. Paul believes that this is because of a lack of knowledge about dyslexia in society. "I have suffered academic and social abuse by buying into the view that they (society) know the truth. I feel that the truth is that dyslexia makes me different. Others have differences too but they are not as lucky as us (dyslexics) because our differences are always right in front of us." Paul is able to see the benefits that dyslexia has offered him. "God has given me a gift that I have been trying to bury, but now I will look for the strengths it gives me and work to improve my weaknesses."


The goal of the film is to inform people about dyslexia and to shed a positive light on the condition. Paul has fifteen years of experience in the automotive industry and has even given back by working in the secondary education field. This film will spread awareness across the globe and allow dyslexics to change their view on their condition, as Paul has done. We are endlessly grateful to have Paul's support. This film would not be possible without the help of people like him. Paul has benevolently donated money and support. He has bought a button and a magnet from our store (pictured on the right), for which we are very grateful. Every little bit helps, so we graciously thank Paul for his contribution.

Magnets, pins, keychains, and mirrors available in our store!

September 2009

Morris, CT Captured Time On The Move


Captured Time has settled into its new, temporary home on shimmering Bantam Lake in Morris. We are enjoying a combination of early autumn winds and gentle, lakeside sunsets while waiting for the last of the elements to come together to up-res our picture. In a few weeks time we will again be relocating, but you can contact us in the meantime at 273 East Shore Road, Morris CT.


Admiring the view on Bantam Lake

We can be reached by phone at (860)-361-6411 (office phone/fax), (860)-601-7855 (Harvey cell), and (203)-841-9613 (Aimee - Production Coordinator). Even with the move, we are still concentrating on finishing the film and we need your help. Please donate today!

August 2009

Litchfield, CT Crew Member of the Month

For the past six years I have worked as a freelancer working on many different types of projects including modeling work on Sikorski helicopters to commercial work for Dunkin Donuts and Subway. Working with Captured Time Productions has been a great experience. I can't wait to see the final Dislecksia production.

Some of the work Sean has done on Dislecksia: The Movie so far.

July 2009

Litchfield, CT Donor of the Month

Andrew Kavulich, our July Donor of the Month, is on the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Branch for the Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic. He graciously donated his time and money to meet with us in Philadelphia and continues to be a great advocate for dyslexia and our film. In his own words, here is his story.

Andrew Kavulich

July '09 Donor of the Month

"My family has been on an incredible journey, one we would not change for anything. This journey has led us to many great people including Harvey Hubbell V, Captured Time Productions and their wonderful project, Dislecksia: The Movie. This project (in our humble opinion, as a family with 3 of 4 dyslexic children) has the incredible potential of being a major catalyst for educational reform in the United States as well as the world. If we are to move forward and lead as a nation in the 21st Century, major portions of our education system need to be revamped; especially early childhood education."

"We believe in Harvey, this project's message and will support it to its fruition. Most people will probably ask, why dyslexia, why this movie, what's the big deal? The fact that these questions are even asked is proof Dislecksia: The Movie is sorely needed. Awareness should be the net result of viewing this excellent documentary and hopefully many others: students, parents, teachers, administrators, local & state legislators, university education departments, Congress and the Supreme Court - our nation's future might depend on it."

July 1, 2009

Litchfield, CT Success in Philadelphia

Despite its status as a work in progress, Dislecksia: The Movie was extremely successful this past weekend, playing to a full house at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. The audience laughed and cried along with the rough cut film as it presented the stories of numerous dyslexics and how their difference has both hindered and helped them.

Harry Litwack introducing Harvey

Standing room only for the Panel Discussion

Many people also stayed for the panel discussion that followed the screening, ignoring the extreme heat and leaving standing room only in the packed auditorium.

A little boy told us he thought he was the only one who had dyslexia. He felt alone. Now he knows that it is not only him.

The crew is now hard at work putting the final touches on the full version of the film. Spirits are high as we aim to be done soon.

June 25, 2009

Litchfield, CT Rough Cut Screening

Harvey and the crew are heading down to Philadelphia this weekend for a rough cut screening of Dislecksia: The Movie.

Please feel free to join us at the Philadelphia Sound Stage, 1600 North 5th Street. The screening will begin at 6:20pm and will be followed by a panel discussion.

We look forward to seeing you there.

June 23, 2009

Litchfield, CT It's a wrap!

7:12pm June 18th, 2009. The last pick up shot of the film was recorded.

Coffee=Protestant work ethic in a cup.

Dyslexia=Phonemic bottleneck in the back of the brain.

The film should be finished in just over 100 days.

We need finishing funds now!

June 2009

Litchfield, CT Donor of the Month

Joan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. She has worked for 35 years with students who have learning differences. Joan believes that many students with learning differences are ill-prepared to successfully attend college. to work to improve student's transition from high school to college, Joan created a free e-list to educate parents about the transition process. Joan has also authored a course, Conquer College with LD/ADD, that serves to educate high school students and their parents by providing them with strategies that bode well for college success. This course is now available online. Additionally, she provides online consulting and individualize coaching for parents concerning post high school options. Joan donated to Dislecksia: The Movie because she is passionate about furthering understanding and opportunity for kids. She feels that both her and Harvey's missions coincide.

Captured Time would like to thank Joan for her support and work in the field!

Check out the IDA Website!

Joan Azarva

June 3, 2009

Litchfield, CT Italian Invasion!

Luca, Enrico, Harvey & Pietro at the Farm

Last week, Captured Time Productions was visited by three European advocates. Luca Grandi, Enrico Riva and Pietro Passarelli. Luca, from Bologna, has designed assistive software for independan`t living, called Carlo. Enrico is his business manager. Pietro has a film festival in London called DysFest. He has also studied and compared dyslexia in the UK, Italy and now America.

Their visit was extremely educational for both parties. Harvey and a few crew members visited the Forman School in Litchfield, CT. The school specializes in educating students with learning differences. We went on a tour of the facility with our new friends, and they admitted they had never seen anything like the Forman School in the United Kingdom.

Sneeking a peek at the Forman School

May 2009

Litchfield, CT Donor of the Month

Anthony J. Pantuso III

Owner of the Pantuso Law Firm LLC


Dressed down at the "Family Reunion"


Anthony shares his story:

"I was a few years behind Harvey in school, and have known him since I was about 14. Long before I knew he was dyslexic, I decided that one of the main things I like about Harvey is that he "thinks sideways"- he sees things from a different angle than most people, which usually leads to a different, often more creative approach.

I had lost touch with Harvey for many years, although I had seen Electronic Road Film and Loop Dreams, so I knew he was making documentaries (actually, I learned this from my sister, who saw Harvey at a high school reunion). I reconnected with him last fall, when a mutual friend organized a "family reunion" of friends from high school days. That's when I learned about Dislecksia: The Movie. After listening to the passion with which Harvey discussed the project, and then viewing the trailers he posted on the website, I felt the least I could do was make a small donation. When Harvey asked for volunteers to help at the screening in Newtown, I was more than happy to do what I could."

Anthony donated both his time and money to support the progress of Dislecksia: The Movie. He worked with our sound board on our screening in Newtown. Thank you Tony for your sideways thinking!

May 27, 2009

Litchfield, CT Stock Footage

We are very proud to be nearing our final edit on the documentary! The summer crew is arriving, and we are all extremely motivated to finish the film. Most importantly, our intern Sam is purchasing the remainder of the stock footage (see left). We are still in need of funds to complete the film, about $225,000. This funding will cover stock footage, still images, an original musical composition and much much more!

April 30, 2009

Litchfield, CT Georgie at the Farm

UK singer/songwriter/actor (and fellow dyslexic) Georgie Swan recently visited Captured Time to lend his talent to the movie's voiceover track! Georgie and Harvey both had the honor of presenting at last year's Dyslexic Dreams Gala (see the archives for more information), where they first met. In addition to voice talent, Georgie spent two weeks at the farm helping out with production. If you missed him at the Newtown screening, check out his website!

April 25, 2009

Newtown, CT Rough Cut Screening

Thanks to help from the Connecticut Film Festival, the Newtown Arts Commission, local volunteers, scientists, lawyers, parents, and dyslexics across the state and nation, the rough cut screening of "Dislecksia: The Movie" was a huge success! The screening audience filled Newtown's 500-seat town theater - thanks for your support!

Following the screening was a question-and-answer session, where audience members' questions covered the topics of gender and dyslexia, legal issues with schools and testing, and the financial benefits of improving our educational system. Thanks to panel members Ken Pugh and Evelyn Russo (interviewed in the film), attorney Piper Paul, and several local parents and dyslexic students, attendees were able to leave the theater with a better understanding of what dyslexia is - and what to do about it.

April 20, 2009

Hartford, CT Interview on FOX 61

Interview temporarily unavailable.

Harvey appeared Monday on Fox 61's morning show to talk about "Dislecksia: The Movie" and the upcoming screening in Newtown, CT!

March 10, 2009

Litchfield, CT Newtown Screening

On Saturday, April 25th, Captured Time will be screening a rough cut of "Dislecksia: The Movie" at the Edmond Town Hall Theater in Newtown, CT! The event will include a panel discussion with subjects from the film, including scientist Ken Pugh (president of Haskins laboratories), educator Evelyn Russo, as well as parents and local advocates for dyslexics. For more information, click here for a link to the Newtown Bee article, and visit the Newtown Cultural Arts commission here for tickets and times.

*Links updated 3/26/09*

March 3, 2009

Litchfield, CT Captured Time Recieves $75,000

Captured Time is happy to announce that we recently recieved close to $75,000 in tax credits for Dislecksia: The Movie! The money will be going towards purchasing stock footage, updating the film's graphics, and recording an original soundtrack for the movie, bringing us closer to our goal of a 2009 release!

Meanwhile, database manager Jodie is sending out a mass-mailing to schools across the nation that teach to students with learning disabilities. Captured Time is asking the schools to submit photos of students as well as writing, artwork, and other accomplishments. Selected submissions will be used in the companion book for Dislecksia: The Movie, which is in the works now!


January 20, 2009

Litchfield, CT Winter at the Farm

Thanks to all your generosity, Captured Time recieved close to $4,000 in donations! Especially in these hard economic times, your support and consideration is sincerely appreciated. Every amount donated (no matter how small) will go a long way towards keeping Dislecksia: The Movie and its message moving forward.

While Captured Time's staff is spread out all over the world, a small crew is keeping busy at the farm updating the website, logging tapes, making phone calls, working to gather support on Facebook, paper editing the movie's script, fundraising, and putting together the finishing touches onDislecksia: The Movie.

December 23, 2008

Litchfield, CT Channel 12 Clip Online

The film's almost done, but we still need finishing funds for the last stages of production - click the links above to help contribute!

Harvey's interview for Channel 12 News is online! Click the icon on the video at left to watch.

December 6, 2008

Norwalk, CT Dislecksia: The Movie on News 12

Channel 12

Harvey Hubbell V appeared Saturday on News Channel 12 with host Gillian Neff to talk about his upcoming documentary, "Dislecksia: The Movie."

He spoke as a guest on the "12 on Health" series, to help raise awareness about the film and dislexia in general. The segment was aired this weekend, and featured highlights from the movie.

Be sure to check back soon for clips from the interview!

Captured Time found themselves among fellow dyslexics in Channel 12's control room!

November 21, 2008

Bridgeport, CT Harvey Speaks at Bridgeport University

Harvey spoke to students at Bridgeport University in a segment of the school's Media Career Series, a program designed to help students learn about and prepare for a job in the visual arts. Harvey talked about his 25 years in the industry, and how dyslexia has been an influence in his filmmaking career.

A video of the speech can be viewed HERE.

October 6, 2008

Washington, D.C. 2008 Dare to Dream Gala

Dr. Gordon Sherman, Executive Director of the of the Newgrange School, presented Harvey Hubbell V with the Outstanding Achievement award at the 2008 Dare to Dream Gala (Dr. Sherman coined the term "Cerebrodiversity," and is a pioneering researcher in the field).

Other honorees included Congressman Kendrick Meek, world-renowned Tae Bo instructor Billy Blanks, UK singer-songwriter Georgie Swan, business leader Gloria Mayfield-Banks, and Jami Schwartz, president of the Dyslexic Dreams foundation (pictured at left).

More information on the Dyslexic Dreams foundation (and the Gala) can be found by clicking HERE.

October 10, 2008

Lincoln, MA Carroll School Presentation

Harvey Hubbell V appeared Friday at the Carroll School in Lincon, Mass, where he spoke to parents and students about dyslexia. In addition, a sneak preview of Dislecksia: The Movie was shown to audience members!

October 4, 2008

Eldersburg, MD Harvey Hubbell V at the Friendship School

Harvey Hubbell V was a keynote speaker at the Friendship School in Maryland, where he spoke as a guest in the Orton-Gillingham Academy Fellows' Seminar.

The Friendship School is an independent, non-profit school for children with language-based learning differences such as Dyslexia. For more information about the Friendship school and its opportunities, click HERE.

June 12, 2008

Litchfield, CT Production House on the Farm Gets Another Donation!

Steve Wood Generously donates $200.00 to feed the crew, and his son Joe (in backround) volunteers his time to work on graphics.

Thanks a lot Steve and Joe!

We are currently seeking finishing funds for Dislecksia:The Movie.

Any amount donated, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and will assist in the movies completion.

To make a tax-deducible donation, click "Make a Contribution" and Follow the simple instructions.

Thanks for joining the movement!

June 6, 2008

New Haven, CT Interview with "Good Morning Connecticut"

Harvey appeared Sunday on ABC Channel 8's "Good Morning Connecticut" show to talk about "Dislecksia: The Movie" with Dr. Ken Pugh.

May 16, 2008

Amenia, NY Kildonan School makes a donation!!


Best-selling author, TV commentator, business genius and dyslexic Barbara Corcoran brings an apple to the teacher, Diana Hanbury King. Diana is the founder of the Kildonan School and Barbara spoke at career day.

Captured Time captured the event and the Kildonan students were able to observe a professional shoot and will edit the footage. It was a win-win day for everyone. The Kildonan School donated $2000 to Dislecksia: The Movie.

X(point mouse over picture)

April 18, 2008

Los Angeles, CA Billy Blanks

World renowned seven-time world Karate champion and inventor of the Tae Bo work out, Billy Blanks has joined forces with Captured Time Productions in the campaign for Dyslexia awareness!!

It wasn't until the age of 35 that Blanks was finally diagnosed with dyslexia, which had impeded his learning ability.  However, ultimately it would not cripple his financial success!

April 16, 2008

Los Angeles, CA Hunt Lowry


Captured Time Productions is proud to announce that Hunt Lowry has joined our Advisory Board.

Hunt Lowry is the CEO / President of Roserock Films and the producer of many box office hits such as A Time to Kill, Last of the Mohicans, and A Walk to Remember.



December 11, 2007

Los Angeles, CA Stephen J. Cannell

Harvey and crew had the honor of interviewing Steven J. Cannell, who has authored 13 novels, scripted over 450 episodes of television and produced more than 15,000 episodes including...

Pretty good for a dyslexic kid who failed 1st, 5th and 10th grade!


The A-Team, Street Justice, Adam-12, Chase, The Rockford Files, Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, The Greatest American Hero, Hardcastle and McCormick, Stingray, 21 Jump Street, Booker, Hunter, (take a breath) Silk Stalkings, Renegade, Wiseguy, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Baretta, The Commish, The Duke, The Quest, Riptide, Sonny Spoon, Stone, The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, Profit, and It Waits...


December 3, 2007

Los Angeles, CA Stephen J. Cannell

Superstar writer/producer and famous dyslexic Stephen J. Cannell, is the latest to be interviewed for Dislecksia: The Movie.

Mr. Cannell will be going on tour in mid-January, meeting fans and signing his new novel "Three Shirt Deal". Visit for details..

November 15, 2007

New York City, NY Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers are the newest additon to Dislecksia: The Movie and have agreed to write and perform a song.

And visit to help Kevin fight any of the millions of causes across the planet.

October 23, 2007

New York City, NY Michael Bacon

Michael Bacon, Film Composer joins the Captured Time team along with post coordinator Roger F. Powell and Harvey.


July 24, 2007

Litchfield, CT Milos Forman

Two time Academy Award Winner Milos Forman took time out of his hectic schedule to lend his voice to Dislecksia: The Movie!

July 24, 2007

Litchfield, CT Congratulations Eric!!

Captime would like to Congratulate
Eric on his third Emmy Nomination!!

59th Emmy Awards
Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming

An Evil ThoughtCBSSurvivor Entertainment Group
Tim Atzinger, Editor
Brian Barefoot, Supervising Editor
Chad Bertalotto, Editor
Eric Gardner, Editor
Fred Hawthorne, Editor
Bob Matthews, Editor
Evan Mediuch, Editor

Hidden Cameras at Captime have found Eric attempting to steal Harvey's Emmys......he just can't wait!

(Mouse-over picture)



July 24, 2007

Litchfield, CT Congratulations Eric!!

Elizabeth Merz, Co-owner of the Bantam Cinema takes a turn in our sound closet and lends her voice to the show.

Naren, Eric, Yvonne and Diana hard at work in the Avid room......making history!

July 11, 2007

Litchfield, CT 15 Days left!!!!!

It's hard to believe, but Eric will be heading back to California and Survivor in 15 days (or 360 hours)!

Eric and Harvey worked around the clock and really pushed their limits, but they have put together (with some help from the crew) the first rough cut of Dislecksia!

This documentary will change your brain!

Our 20 year old supervisor, WildKat, is hard at work from his favorite spot!

Harvey's friend, Chris, helps us out in the sound closet (and it really is a closet) by doing a series of voice-overs for the movie.

June 12, 2007 Litchfield, CT 39 Days!

It's hard to believe but there's only 39 days until Eric goes home to CA and back to editing Survivor!!

The time is going fast but the crew is hard at work and making things happen! We've got an hour of a rough edit. Now we need to get the rest of our finishing funds together so that we can continue to move forward. You can help!! Donate or invest - contact us to find out how!

June 5th, 2007 Litchfield, CT Hamden Hall Country Day School


"We wish all kids had this opportunity!!"
-Evelyn Russo

The Captime Crew took a trip to Hamden Hall Country Day School in Hamden, Connecticut.

Evelyn Russo and Margie Gillis take the research from Haskins Lab and put it to practical use at Hamden Hall, by helping teachers to become more effective in helping all children experience early reading success. Hamden Hall is a private, coeducational, college preparatory day school for grades PreK-12. Every child has the best opportunity to succeed because teachers are being trained in the complexities of reading and literacy development. Since scientifically-based reading research is used to inform instruction, the traditional failure experienced by dyslexics is prevented.

Evelyn points out some of the materials used for teacher training.

Eric and Harvey have a cam-off during the shoot

Margie Gillis, Senior Scientist, from Haskins lab, spends some of her precious time with us. She explains just how the information gets from Haskins lab to the schools.

Eric and Harvey show off their complimentary "Spot and dot" hats.

June 2, 2007 Litchfield, CT Forman School Graduation

Jo'Von is second row, 1st person on the left.


Jo'Von Graduates!

Forman School sent another class of talented, successful students on to college and into the working world!

Our Cameras were there to capture Jo'Von Wright getting her diploma after years of struggle and hard work......A teacher in her former school said she'd never graduate high school......not only did she graduate she did it with honors and was inducted into the
National Honor Society!

Harvey ran into old friends Olivia, Keagan, Brian and Luke (Luke escaped us at picture time) at this years graduation. The gang, now Alumni, were there to give support to this years seniors.

June 2007 Litchfield, CT Let the Summer begin!!

JoVon Wright, a dyslexic student who is graduating from Forman School in less than two weeks, sat for an interview with us late Monday night. Later she showed her incredible talent as she sang and played her songs on the piano.

The Summer crew arrives!!
14 new recruits will keep Dislecksia moving forward this summer.

Dr. Einar Mencl, Director of Neuroimaging Research and President at Haskins Laboratories, took time out of his busy day to answer a few of Harvey's questions via ICHAT. Dr. Ken Pugh joined us as well.

Close-up of Dr. Einar Menci on ICHAT

Survivor Post-Producer, Jen McClure, get's a kiss from Prince Charming. (Under Harvey's watchful eye)

On the 7th day they rested.

They left the farm at 8am and had Dim Sum in China Town.Went to a few museums, met up with Walter and ended the night at the Survivor Finale!

May, 2007 The Farm Edit, Edit, Edit......

6:21 am Day one
Eric arrives to start our 76 day edit!
He's managed to pack his entire editing system in his carry on bags.....amazing!

10:59pm Day one
The end of the first of 76 long days..........

With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck we should have a rough draft in 76 days!

March 24, 2007 Columbia, SC Production Assistant Boot Camp


Columbia, South Carolina is where the magic happened!

Harvey and Yvonne traveled down south to hold a "Production Assistant Boot Camp". The cool part is that they were able to bring virtual guest speakers.
Eric Gardner and Matt Corrigan joined us from Los Angeles, Dave Erickson joined us from DC and Andrew Saxe joined us while on location filming "Babylon Fields". We were able to make this happen through ICHAT, Speaker phone and the combination of both.

The event was sponsored by the South Carolina Film Office and the University of South Carolina.

The seminar was a hit. About 60 students representing 10 different schools attended the day long seminar.


It was amazing to see the impact you had on the students in just a few hours.
-- Lauren Waring

"It was an honor and priviledge to learn from you and those you brought in to help us understand the business. I was inspired."
-- Rob Sprankle

"your passion for your work was completely clear, and that is inspiring to see...The entire day was a terrific experience for me, and I am very excited about starting a career in the industry"
-- Andrew Cline

"I now see many opportunities that I didn't even know existed in our state and the industry"
-- Julie Going

The night before Yvonne, Karla and David worked late into the night to fix some technical issues with ICHAT. They weren't able to make it work 100%, but Karla had a great back-up plan B and C (we used all 3 plans the following morning)

Our host, Dr. Cynthia Colbert the Chair of the USC Art Dept, Welcomed the students and the guests. .....and the seminar got rolling!

Harvey went through the basics of being a PA, what's expected, what not to do, how to be prepared and set etiquette...just to name a few.

Tom Clark, Grants/Project Manager for the SC Film Commission, spoke to the students about the production guide and film in the state of South Carolina. He also added insight and some experiences of his own throughout the day.


The first of our virtual guests was none other than our very own Eric Gardner on the ICHAT from Los Angeles. Eric got up at 8am to speak with the students before heading out to work on "Survivor" (his day job). Many in the audience were particularly interested in editing and had some keen questions.

Jason Rosin and Harry Palmer joined us from the local 491. They explained the role of IATSE union on the set. They also gave some advice on how to get into the union if you want to be a grip/electric. AND they bought everyone lunch!



Andrew Saxe inspired the students with stories of being a PA himself, on A Bronx Tale, 14 years ago and seizing the opportunity to move up. Andrew is currently a UPM and works on major motion pictures like "Night in the Museum" and "War of the Worlds". You can check out his impressive list of movies at

Dave Erickson joined us via ICHAT on the big screen. The students asked some great questions about being a PA on a TV production. Dave is currently working for Court TV on a new series called "Suburban Secrets".
(Dave is the Associate Producer for the program and has also written some episodes.)

Lauren Waring, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, shared her story of success with the students. Lauren is currently working in the accounting department on a major motion picture called "Leatherheads" starring George Clooney.

Matt Corrigan also joined us via speaker phone. We used this cool picture of him on the big screen while he spoke with the students on his earlier work as a PA. Matt is currently in Los Angeles working in special effects make-up on major motion pictures like "300" and "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith, a Warner Brothers film to be released in 2008.

Miguel and Rob exchange business cards... something tells me we'll be seeing their movies one day.

Yvonne and Lauren enjoy dinner and a few laughs after the seminar.

Harvey and Karla contemplate life without PA boot would indeed be a scary place!

We'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event a success!

This event wouldn't have been posible without a lot of hard work
by Karla Berry, Associate Professor, Media Arts: New Media at the University of South Carolina; Susan Hogue, Instructor- Media Arts Coordinator at the University of South Carolina; Tom Clark, Grants/Project Manager for the SC Film Commission; Jeff Monks, Commissioner for the SC Film Commission, and countless others including Karla's husband Don and several tech savy friends who tirelessy helped us to work out the technical gliches

We were lucky enought to have Story Teller and Graphic Artist, Lance Anderson, in the crowd and did this wonderful cartoon of the day! Check out Lance's website at

(If you click on the pictureyou'll get a readable image.)

February 4 - 7, 2007 Washington, DC History, Science & Government

The intrepid Captime Crew just got back from a successful shoot in Washington DC. (Cheri & Kimberly are missing from the photo -- they were warm and cozy at the National Archives researching stock footage)

Inside the mock MRI who knows what lurks inside the mind of this dyslexic.

We'd like to thank Tom West: Writer, Dyslexic and Historian, who secured a great location for our shoot and helped us finish up the history section of the movie.

Eric shoots Harvey in the mock MRI for the openning scene of the movie.

Harvey read in a book that sometimes directors do this.

The man, the myth, the
Can-a-Mex......Justin our multitalented filmmaker/Producer extraordinaire.


We had the honor of shadowing Congressman Kendrick Meek for part of his busy day. From videotaping a staff briefing to witnessing him at work in an Arms Services Committee Hearing, It was a unigue and very cool experience!
Thanks also to Adam Sharon, Press Secretary, for all of his hard work coordinating the behind the scenes access for us!


We'd like to thank Dr. Guinevere Eden, Ashley Wall, Becky Wexler, Dr. VanMeter and the rest of the great folks at Georgetown University's Center for the Study of Learning for their help, expertise and their precious time. Everyone was truly generous in coordinating and blocking out an entire day for us to shoot!



Shortly after wrapping for the day, Eric and Harvey watch dailies on the small screen.

Einstein sits for a photo-op
with Harvey.

We'd like to thank our local DC PA, Wence, who worked, and froze, right along side us for the 4 day shoot. GREAT Job!

Thanks also to Kimberly, another local PA, who rocked at research and even stepped in as the boom operator.

Why do Cheri and Yvonne have their » pajamas on?.....That's what happens when you are awakened by the hotel fire alarm at 4:30am! Luckily it was just smoke and no flames, but Harvey made sure we had our cameras and tapes with us!....the shoot must go on!!

«In this time of Terrorism maybe Justin should have thought twice about the scarf around his face, especially because we are only steps away from the White House and the Capitol Police!


Special thanks to Caffrey who worked all weekend on the farm capturing 24 of our DC tapes into the Avid system!!
January, 2007 Litchfield, CT Kinda cool tech stuff

Thanks to Imagine News Magazine, "The Business of Film, Television & New Media Production in the Northeast", for publishing a great full page article on Dislecksia: The Movie in the Magazine's 100th Issue! You can read the full article on our press page.
In Litchfield,Connecticut,The Hubbells have have doing some very cool stuff at Captured Time Productions, affectionately known as "the Farm".They hired an editor whose day job is editing "Survivor." That means Eric Gardner is 3000 miles away, but nights and weekends he works on the DISLECKSIA project. Both "Captime" and Gardner have identical editing systems and actually use video Instant Messaging via the internet to work together.
Captime has an AVID Newscutter operating on a desktop PC and Eric is using AVID Xpress Pro on a 17" Powerbook G4.

"Captime West" in Los Angeles, California

"Captime East" in Litchfield,
Station #1

Our view of Eric

Captime East Station #2, Isight
computer and logging bay

They only digitize to one machine (the Captime Newscutter).Then they copy the media from the Newscutter to a firewire drive and send the drive to Eric in Los Angeles.The system works because there is the exact same media at each end.
When they edit, Eric puts his cuts into one bin and emails the bin to CT as he works. Eric says,"emailing the bin to CT takes about a minute, so Harvey can see my cuts within a minute of my doing them." Meanwhile at Captime there is an editing intern who puts the cuts into the Avid so that Harvey can see what Eric has just edited the minute before.The intern also works with Harvey finding bites, b-roll cuts and music to send to Eric.The team works in tandem and the result is some really cool editing 3,000 miles apart!
Eric has a separate Powerbook 15" laptop that has iSight on it. He and Harvey talk via the computer through iSight/instant messaging.This way if either needs to show the other something, they hold the camera to the screen, it's just like being there, and it's free.
Eric says "I didn't know if I would like working with Harvey via email and iSight but as it turns out, I like it a lot. I think that we're more productive working this way, than when we edit in the same room together."

Eric's view of us

December, 2006 Litchfield, CT Happy Holidays!

Just some of the Captime Crew pictured.......From left to right; Jen Williams, Harvey Hubbell V, Andrea Haas Hubbell, Yvonne Reelick, Shelby Threloff, Dave Emlet, Darwin the cat and the brain.




From the
Captime crew!


Jen &





His eyes how they twinkled!
His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!


Harvey and Matt contemplate what is the "true" meaning of Naughty and Nice.....

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.....from Eric Claus and Shaunda Claus......

"and be good for

goodness sake!"

This is Eric at Christmas time.......

And this is Eric spreading Holiday cheer......

November 7 - 11, 2006 Indianapolis, IN Racing to Literacy

We're Back!!

Harvey and crew had a great time shooting interviews and broll for Dislecksia: The Movie at the International Dyslexia Association Racing to Literacy Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana!

We'd like to thank the IDA for all of it's support and for greeting us with open arms, we couldn't have done it without their help! Special kudos to Noreen, Rob, Katie and Jill for putting up with us!


Jaime & Anne

Thanks also to our intrepid crew! We picked up some of the best production assistance we've ever worked with from the Indiana Colleges and Universities. At Captured time we have a saying, "production assistants are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get"......this trip we got all cherries!

Thanks Jaime, Anne, Natalie (or "Natasha"? but everyone knew her as "Nancy"), Marthe & Gab....We would never have made this happen without you. You all worked extremely hard and you'll be getting a credit in the movie!

Thanks to Jeff Cardwell and his radion show "People Helping People" on WICR 88.7 FM. Our amazing marketing intern, Shelby, set up time with Jeff for Harvey to talk about the movie on his radio show....the coolest part is that he broadcasts from a satellite office in his hardware store!

Gab got his directing debut, taking over the camera as our DP Bruce had lunch....Thanks Gab!

(Hey, Gab when you're a famous director in the big time, don't forget us and give us job -- then we'll be coiling your cables! Keep up the great work)

October 20, 2006 The Farm Hot off the press!

click picture for larger view

Dislecksia: The Movie's new promotional post card is finally here! Designed, from photo shoot to print, by our very own marketing intern, Shelby.

Harvey and crew will be traveling to the International Dyslexia Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana November 7 - 11, 2006 and we will be handing out post cards! While we're there we thought we would interview some experts, educators and of course, dyslexics!

This will be one of our last major shoots. The editing is ramping up and the story is taking shape.

October 3, 2006 The Farm Howlin' with the Moon!

Krizta Moon, the talent behind the song Dreamers & Warriors that played over the credits in Loop Dreams, came to the farm to work on some sounds for Dislecksia. While she was here she attempted to give Harvey and his spare brain a much needed lesson on his Ukulele...

They both decided it would be better for Harvey to play his trumpet Kazoo and for Krizta to sing along.

Krizta will be back with some great music for the movie....stay tuned (unlike Harvey's Ukulele).

8 - 11, 2006

Forman School, Litchfield, CT
The Farm, Litchfield, CT
Haskins Lab, New Haven, CT

What a Weekend!
A "pit bull with lipstick"
to Haskin's Hero's

Harvey started the day by picking up Eric from the airport. Eric took a redeye from Los Angeles that arrived at 6am!

After the coffee started flowing it was off to Forman School.

At Forman we shot an interview of Voncille Wright, a "pit bull with lipstick" when it comes to advocating for her daughter, JoVon! JoVon is a senior at Forman school.

The team also shot Broll of Voncille and JoVon walking through the New England campus.

Then it was back to the Farm where we interviewd the amazing Will Baker. Will visited us from Florida and talked about plans for the future for dyslexic's and the study of dyslexia.

Followed by a party for the Brain Trust from Haskins Lab in New Haven, (We like to call them the Haskins Heros.) where friendships between researchers from very different countries began to form.

The scientists at Haskins Lab will be starting there five year research project this December.

We were incredibly honored to have Dr. Ovid J. L. Tzeng, Vice President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan, as one of our special guests. (above left)

On Monday morning, after a weekend of editing with Eric, we were off to New Haven to shoot the Haskins scientists at work.........and crossing the street.(above right and below)

"Hero's Walk" . Some of the best of the best from Haskins lab are caught on tape. Dr. Ken Pugh, Dr. Manu Vesterinen from Finland, Dr. Tomi Guttorm from Finland, Dr. Jun Ren Lee from Taiwan, Dr. Shih-Kuen Cheng from Taiwan, Dr. Stanley Tzeng, Dr. Einer Menci, Dr. Nichole Landi, and Dr. Steve Frost.
Dan shoots the B-camera while Harvey interviews Dr. Tomi Guttorm from Finland at Haskins Lab.
August 11, 2006
Litchfield, CT
Intern Wrap Party Summer '06

As the summer of 2006 came to a close at Captime the interns and staff threw some logs on the fire (literally) and warmed up to their fondest memories of the past four months. Laughs were shared, competitions were held and everyone was wondering where Dan was.

This summers crew logged over 30 hours of tape, digitized and re-digitized...and re-digitized some more (they all know the footage very well). They worked with editors Joe Vecchione and Eric Gardner, revised scripts, and witnessed the development of the "Brain Graphic" and the addition of the song from The Captain Kangaroo Show. They recorded voice-overs, shot on location at Haskins Lab in New Haven and were often entertained by co-mascot cats Wildkat and Darwin.

Best of luck to everybody this fall and thanks for all the hard work!

OH, Here's Dan.

Harvey getting a little wood for the your head!

July 8, 2006
Bradley International Airport, CT
Take Me Home Country Rogues

After 2 more weeks of volunteering his time, writing, editing and shooting, Eric had to make his way home to CA.

Sadly the boys had to apply everything they learned about Independent Film Financing 101 to be able to afford the plane ticket. Which included taking out their Ukulele and playing....hoping, in vein, for a crowd to gather.

June 27, 2006
Bristol, CT
Motion Control Camera

Motion Control Camera zooms in on Harvey's old school reports.

Yet another small, but an intrepid Captime crew joined Joe at VSI in Bristol, CT to shoot Harvey's old school records with the motion control camera.

It's an incredible set up with a robotic arm that is controlled by a computer. Joe programmed the camera moves and then recorded them to tape.

This footage will be cut into the documentary to demonstrate the difficulties that dyslexics often face in school.


Joe sits at the controls of the computer that operates the motion control camera.....This guy knows everything!

Harvey and Joe discuss the portions of the documents that will be video taped.

June 14 - 24, 2006
Southwest &
Southwest dyslexic artists share some thoughts with Harvey

Harvey and his daughter traveled to the dyslexic capital of Santa Fe New Mexico and met up with his artisitc and dyslexic friends; world famous Sculptor Malcolm Alexander, Filmmaker Cary Spiers, Filmmaker Sarah Spiers and Photographer,Colin Poole.


Harvey hired filmmaker and camera man Bruce Lewis, of Way Out West Productions, to DP the shoot.

Malcolm worked as they discussed dyslexia and the importance of public awarness.

Bruce shoots some of Colin's work in his studio in Santa Fe.

Cary and Sarah take care of important production business (ordering lunch) at Malcolm's studio.


Then he was off to California where he met up with cameraman, Michael Engel and former Captime intern turned special effects make-up guy, Matt Corrigan. He also met Reggae musician and teacher, Lionel Babtiste. You can check out Lionel's website, Ice Cream Songs.

Harvey and Lionel Babtiste on the beach

Matt, AKA "Track Star" spent a summer at Captime before hitting it big in LA. (Track Star is a HUGE fan of Leslie Nielsen!)

Michael Engel, of Engel Producdtions,a dyslexic camera man (shot the Costa Rica footage) and all around talented guy!
June 3rd, 2006
Forman School Litchfield, CT
The Rainforest Kids Graduate!

Tears of joy mix with rain when Luke Bornheimer's mom, Carole Bellew, tells Harvey about her son, his dyslexia and his induction into the National Honor Society at the Forman School Graduation.

Despite the rain our shoot went off without a hitch. We'd like to thank Mark Perkins, Headmaster, his assistant Noreen and all of the Forman staff that gave us the support and access we needed to plan for the weather and events of that day.
Annette Jenner, Ph.D., Forman alum of 1987 and dyslexic, gave the commencement address at the Forman School Graduation Ceremony.

Dr. Jenner has been an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the College of Holy Cross for the past five years where her responsibilities have included teaching core courses in statistics and research methods as well as courses in the psychology of language, cognition, and memory, and cognitive disorder. And not only has she done brain research at Holy Cross but also at Harvard, and the Haskins Laboratories in Yale school of medicine, where most of her recent work was to understand the brain processes underlying reading disability.

Dr. Jenner has recently accepted a new position for the fall of 2006 as Assistant Professor of Communication Science and Disorders at Syracuse University.

Phil Marindola, the senior class president and a dyslexic, graduated and will be attending The University of Colorado in the fall. Phil was one of the eight dyslexic kids picked for his critical thinking ability to be a part of the Rain Forest Project back in March. (see news archives)



May 25, 2006 Special Thanks!  

Captured Time wants to give special thanks to our good friend, Eric Gardner, who has volunteered his time and expertise to help us move the Dislecksia project forward.

Eric, who is very passionate about helping others, spent 2 weeks on the farm last month and will be coming back to donate some more of his time at the end of June.

We'd also like to thank Eric for spending so much time with our interns, who have learned an amazing amount about shooting, editing and production.

Eric risks his life, in busy Newtown, CT traffic, to get the perfect shot!

Eric, Jeremy & Harvey work on VO's


April 29 - May 6, 2006 Los Angeles Comes to Litchfield  

ERIC'S Back!

JOE's Back! ...getting us out of the latest jam
Eric volunteered his time this week to get the editing for our independent documentary,Dislecksia: The Movie, moving in the right direction. He worked with Harvey and our interns, digitizing, organizing and piecing sections together. This is just some preliminary work, we will still continue to shoot, write and edit for the next year.

Later in the week we had a successful writers meeting and began to construct the arc of the project.

Intern Steve uses positive motivational gestures to keep the office running smoothly.

March 31 & April 1, 2006 New York City On Location

Harvey and crew traveled to NYC to shoot a couple of interviews and to get some answers about dyslexia from the "Man On The Street".

Linda Selvin (above), Director of the International Dyslexia Association, gives Harvey insight into the problems facing people with dyslexia and their families.

We were fortunate to get a beautiful day and after the interviews we moved out side to shoot in 4 locations. We asked some citizens of NYC, who were enjoying the day in Madison square park, about dyslexia.(Above right & below)

We also managed to hit Times Square (right) and shoot some 16mm film.

Brian, Brain & Harvey make it to Times

Brian, Colin & Harvey prepare for the interview

Brian, just about to begin

March 3 - 11, 2006 Costa Rica Rains, Brains, and Mud

Harvey Hubbell V and Miguel Engel in Costa Rica.


Harvey's back! Harvey and fellow dyslexic cameraman Miguel Engel just returned from Costa Rica where they followed Wendy Welshans' Rain Forest Project. Wendy brought a team of researchers which includes eight dyslexic high school students picked for their critical thinking ability. Harvey would like to thank Wendy, her team, the students, and the Forman school for a great experience! It's not easy having two cameras follow you every minute of everyday!

Harvey with Wendy Welshans and the Brain in Costa Rica.


The Forman School Rain Forest Project is a non-profit program dedicated to rain forest education through scientific research with young adults from Northwest Connecticut high schools. Students contribute to science by helping to slow down tropical deforestation and provide alternatives to slashing and burning precious rainforests. Through this program, The Forman School also fosters cooperative efforts between public and private schools.

Rainforest Team making their way to Rara Avis Research Center. Getting there is half the fun!


The silk spun by the golden silk spider (Nephila clavipes) is the strongest natural fiber in the world.


February 6, 2006

Hartford, CT

Fighting for Connecticut Film Tax Incentives

Andrew Toriello; President, Sonalysts Media, Doug McAward;Producer & Former Chairman of the Connecticut Film Commission, Harvey Hubbell V;Chairman of the Connecticut Film Committe, Jim A. Amann, Connecticut Speaker of the House & Representative Steve Mikutel from Griswold along with many industry professionals from around the state met on February 6, 2006 in Hartford at the Legislative Building for an industry meeting on Film Incentives for the State of Connecticut. Connecticut is hoping to have a film incentive package passed through the legislature this session.






From left to right:
Andrew Toriello; President, Sonalysts Media, Doug McAward;Producer & Former Chairman of the Connecticut Film Commission, , Harvey Hubbell V;Chairman of the Connecticut Film Committe, Jim A. Amann, Connecticut Speaker of the House & Representative Steve Mikutel from Griswold.


January 24, 2006 Litchfield, CT 4 dyslexics Brainstorming Session

From right to left: Jeremy Brecher, Harvey Hubbell V, Renee Merow, Delos Smith

  At our last brainstorming session we were honored to have dyslexics, Delos Smith, Senior Economist, and his wife, Renee Merow join us here on the farm. Delos is a member of our advisory board and both Delos and Renee are members of our team! Together with our writer, Jeremy and of course Harvey it was quite a day!
The session began with a discussion of funding possibilities, laws and policy regarding dyslexia. We finished by talking about the "Heyokah". Called the divine trickster accoring to the Plains Tribes and Koshari by the Hopi and Pueblo Indians. All Heyokahs operate through opposites - something in common with dyslexics perhaps?


Harvey and the Heyokah


December 8th, 2005 Litchfield, CT Three Doc Night

Soldiers, Science & Santa

The night of November 8th was a busy one here at Captime. Harvey, together with Yvonne (Coordinator/Sound), Brian (Camera) from Rossomano Pictures and his good friends Jay & Anita, shot sections of 3 different documentaries in one night!

The first was an interview with one of Captime's favorite and talented interns, Bruce, who is going to be leaving us in January to serve his country in Afghanistan. He's going to continue to be a filmmaker by shooting a documentary about his experience. Harvey interviewed Bruce to start off his movie and launch his journey. He hasn't even left yet and we can't wait until he's home!


As soon as the interview was over we packed our gear into Brian's grip truck and headed to The Forman School to shoot a section for Dislecksia. Forman teacher, Wendy Welshans, and her 12 students (8 dyslexics and 4 non-dyslexics) are traveling to Costa Rica in March 2006 for the Rain Forest Project. Harvey and one of our cameramen will be going along to video tape the group in action and interview the students as they are discovering and learning about the rain forest.

Last but not least we headed back to the farm to shoot a segment for our Santa Diaries project. (A project we work on once a year - for some reason it's always about this time of year) Harvey and Santa, a.k.a Wally Claus, have been good friends for many years. This year we interviewed some retail "elves" to see just what the holiday season means to them! We've hidden their identity for obvious reasons!

We'll continue to work on this project for the next few years. Wally Claus says he still young, he has a couple more years before he hits his stride!

November 15th, 2005 Washington, DC Lab School Gala

  Harvey and the brain travel to DC for the annual Lab School Gala and get thier picture taken with Professor Sally Smith, Founder & Executive Director of the Lab School. He also met and talked with some more really cool dyslexic people.

November 8th - 12th, 2005 Denver, CO IDA Conference

Captured Time Crew begins shooting for Dislecksia: The Movie at the International Dyslexia Association conference in Denver Colorado. Thanks to everyone at the IDA, our Denver sound guy Lee Frank and our Denver PA's; Marcia, Kate, Gencie, Steve, Aron & Nicholas! We couldn't have done it without them! (Unfortunately Nicholas is missing from the picture)

October 16, 2005
Bruce and Lisa, interns extraordinaire, assist in shooting the Dyslexia Awareness Walk in Waterbury. The walk was sponsored by the Valley of Waterbury 32nd Degree Masonic Learning Center for Children.



October 10, 2005
Harvey and Jeremy are hard at work at this latest writers meeting. They've finished the proposal and launched into the development phase!

August 17, 2005
Arlene Sonday, Founder of the Sonday System, took time out of her busy schedule to visit with Harvey on the farm. Arlene got a first hand view of where we are in production of Dislecksia:The Movie.




August 12, 2005 Intern summer wrap party!! Thanks to our interns for a great summer! Among other things, they made this new website possible! We wrapped up the summer with a film festival of their work (they proved how incredibly talented they are!), great food, a little basket ball and some awsome conversation!
...Have fun at school...



July 21-23, 2005 - Harvey and his spare plastic brain attend the International Dyslexia Association's conference in Washington D.C., where he met up with "the amazing" Tom G. West, author of Thinking Like Einstein and In the Mind's Eye. He also met with the "lovely" Dr. Kenneth Pugh, President at Haskins Lab & Research Scientist, Dept. of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine and the "brilliant" Dr. Guinevere Eden, Associate Professor Department of Pediatrics and Director, Center for the Study of Learning at Georgetown
.....and a bunch of other really smart people.

July 9, 2005 - Harvey attends the premier of fellow dyslexic and Twister creator Reyn Guyer's new play Spirits. Reyn, his wife and five children are all dyslexic. (He's joined in the photo with his wife and three of his daughters.) Their family company is called WINSOR LEARNING and it is headed by his daughter Cynthia (on his right in the pic) and his son Tom (not in pic)--The company's lead product is called the SONDAY SYSTEM and it is successfully remediating thousands of kids throughout the country who are behind in their reading skills.

May 14, 2005 - Eric Gardner, Survivor editor, flies in from the West Coast to have a planning meeting with Harvey at the Russian Tea Room only to find it is closed – so they had to be guests at the final Survivor Live Show.


May, 2005 - Andie oversees reconstruction of Captured Time website.

March, 2005 - Harvey visits New Grange School in Princeton, New Jersey, and Smart Kids in Westport, Connecticut. Gathers experiences of adult dyslexics in and out of adult dyslexic groups.

March, 2005 - Harvey and Gordon go to International Dyslexia Association conference in New York and Lindamood-Bell dyslexia conference in DC. Then Harvey and Gordon go on to Southern Exposure tour.

Fall, 2004 - Harvey visits Foreman School in Litchfield, Connecticut, and Lab School in Washington, D.C.

Early November, 2004 - retired professor Gordon Wallace, Ph. d., offers to serve as our guide to the dyslexia industry. We like to call him our resident Sacajawea.

Election day, November, 2004 - Harvey and Jeremy go to International Dyslexia Association conference in Pennsylvania. Attended an all day session on the latest brain science and networked with dyslexia experts.

November, 2004 - Jeremy prepares five-page proposal for Dislecksia: The Movie .

May, 2004 - Captured Time nominated for six Emmys for Loop Dreams. Lost three. Awarded hot new Avid Newscutter editing system.

February, 2003 - Andie speaks at University of Pennsylvania and at Women’s Film Festival at Central Connecticut State University.

August, 2002 - Harvey and Jeremy draft first one-page proposal for Dislecksia: The Movie documentary.

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