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Global Village or Global Pillage?

Global Village or Global Pillage?

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Global Village or Global Pillage?Whether we like it or not, the global economy now affects us as consumers, as workers, as citizens, and as members of the human family. For those with wealth and power, the global economy has meant big benefits. But what does it mean for the rest of us? Are we destined to be its victims? Or can we shape its future – and our own? Global Village or Global Pillage? shows constructive ways ordinary people around the world are addressing the impact of globalization on their communities, workplaces and environments. It weaves together video of local and transnational activities, interviews, music, and original video comics to show that, through grassroots organizing combined with mutual support around the world, ordinary people can empower themselves to deal with the global economy. Global Village or Global Pillage? is narrated by Emmy winning actor Ed Asner and animated by international labor cartoonist Mike Konopacki. It features anti-sweatshop activist Charles Kernaghan, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, and a cast of billions.

Edward Asner
Narrated by Edward Asner

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Houston International Film Festival
Gold Special Jury Award

FirstGlance 5
Philadelphia Film and Video Festival

Best Documentary

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Emmy Award Nomination

Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Recommended, "Ready for PBS Documentary Tour"

Connecticut Vision
2001 finalist


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